Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Reading List: Poughkeepsie, Sempre, and the Oz series

Hi all,

I should know next week if I'm an official graduate or not! I have high hopes that my anal-retentiveness has paid off, and I'll pass exams. Yay! It'll be a little sad to leave behind being a teaching assistant though. I've done it for a little over four years now, and have just loved it. But who knows? Maybe I'll be in front of my own college class one of these days. :)

My to do list after this week is rather awesome, actually. I'm diving head-first into Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia. I've had the book for several weeks now, but haven't even had the chance to crack the first page. My dear friend Leah would be disappointed in me. As she said when I told her I hadn't read it, "It has explosions and homelessness! It reminds me of you. You need to read it!"

I'm a huge fan of action. I just love it. I'm also very much involved in solving the homeless problem. One of my life goals is to open a nonprofit that provides legal and mental health resources for the homeless. So naturally, as soon as she said that, and because it's Leah and Leah never leads me wrong, I had to pick up a copy of Poughkeepsie. I cannot wait until exams are out of the way and I can curl up with it for a while.

I'm also ecstatic for the release of Sempre by J.M Darhower. I read the story in its first incarnation (Emancipation Proclamation), and fell in love with it. I don't think a story has ever made me cry as hard as that one, or stuck with me as fully as that one. I was on what is called the Defcon Vodka watch. Basically, everyone would read a chapter ahead of me, and assign it a ranking. The higher the ranking, the more certain they were I'd need a little liquid courage to make it through the chapter without sobbing like a baby. What can I say? I'm a coward when it comes to heartfail!

Now that it's being officially released tomorrow, I cannot wait to get lost in it again. Minus the liquid courage, of course. *grumbles at the neurosurgeon and his evil twin* It's just one of those stories that completely awed me for a million different reasons.

The Husbinator doesn't read, like ever. Seriously. In the 10 years we've been together, he's only read 2 books (Angels and Demons, and one about nuclear warfare that had me paranoid for a good six months!), so I'm determined to make him read Sempre. He told me if she ever published it, he'd read it. I like to pretend she published specifically so he'd have to read it and I could do a happy dance of gloating.

I'm also really excited about rereading the Oz series. The Husbinator got me a tablet PC for my birthday, and immediately put the Kindle and Nook apps on it for me (because, you know, I must have both). I think it took me all of two seconds to download the Complete Wizard of Oz series.

I was one of those nerds in school who loved being assigned a classic to read (except Agememnon. I hated that one with a fiery passion). To this day, I'd still rather pick up a classic more often than something contemporary. The entire Oz series is up there with Candide, The Call of the Wild, Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Iliad in my opinion. If you're in need of a fun, easy read, I highly recommend you grab a copy of the series and dive in.

What's next on your reading list? Do you have a favorite classic novel or do you avoid them like the plague? What book makes you cry like a baby?


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