Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy Flaming Crapballs!

Okay, so that title probably isn't strictly politically correct, but it accurately conveys the panic I felt early this morning. Remember those exam essays I've been whining about for the last month? The ones with five essays that came with twenty-five freaking pages of guidelines?

Well, I had until 10:59 CT to submit any revisions to said essays prior to grading.

I emailed one of the five to myself so I could make serious revisions while at work last night. I spent hours rewriting virtually the entire paper with new research and saved, saved, saved away. The problem? I forgot to move the damn file out of the Temporary Internet Files. *insert ragey cursefest here*

At five this morning, I finished it, hit save for the last time and closed it and my email browser. Two seconds later, I thought, "Oh, hells! I never moved it out of the TIFs." Ever seen a little kid race to the playground at McDonald's after eating that last bite of food required to gain freedom? Yeah, it was kinda like that. I was all kinds of panicked trying to find that file again.

I called The Husbinator, resident network-analyst and A.K.M computer-screw-up-fixer, at eight this morning in a full-fledged panic. Naturally, it was too late. The damn thing automatically deleted the file when I closed the browser.


So I came home and started rewriting the entire thing again, crashed for three hours, and then got up and finished. I'm sleep deprived and I'm pretty sure the U.S.C.A and A.C.A are going to haunt my sleep tonight, but by some miracle, I managed to get the paper rewritten, edited and submitted with 43 minutes to spare.

And that, my friends, is what I call freaking success!

By this time next week, I should officially have passed the exams...or else failed monumentally. But we're thinking positive today, 'mmkay?

Profusely thanking the PTB for speed typing, 

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