Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Confessions

The last week has been crazy busy around here so Sunday Confessions are going to work a little differently this week. It's more a big ole update on the week, followed by my confessions. Two birds, one stone. ;)

We had a big benefit dinner and concert for Aloshua at the local school last night, and we were dashing around like mad this week trying to finalize the last of the details, cook food, and make sure our master checklist was checked off all neat like. 

We had a few minor bumps along the way... our sound equipment donation guy was MIA when we got there to pick up the equipment so we had to find someone else last minute to rent from, the flower shop who promised to be there at 2:30 so we could pick up balloons was closed so we had no balloons, and some of our volunteers didn't show, but we made it work regardless. It went fabulously!

We were able to donate a ton of food to the local homeless shelter, we dropped off a carload of donations at the Ronald McDonald House, Keeper of the Cheerios was able to talk to the community about children like Aloshua and the unique challenges they face when it comes to obtaining the medication and equipment they need, and we were able to raise a good sum for Aloshua's needs.

A local band, Broken Chains, and a local boy (Hunter West) who recently signed a record deal in Nashville both played last night and Aloshua had so much fun, y'all. The band gave him drumsticks and Hunter gave him the harmonica he played with last night. It was so cute. Aloshua watched him perform previously and thought the harmonica playing was the coolest thing since sliced bread, so after Hunter played last night, he gave it to Losh, and the kid probably still hasn't put it down. He's just in heaven.  

So it was a crazy busy, absolutely worth it week for everyone around here.

Now on to the confessions!

The entire time we were talking to one of the raffle donors, he had a giant bugger issue. I was so grossed out, just thinking about it is making me gag.  
I had to rush to the Keeper's house after I put on my Team Losh shirt last night. My not-white-shirt-friendly-bra was loud, proud, and very obviously noticeable.   
I've discovered that bossing people around politely is hard work. If I don't have to do it again anytime soon, I'd be okay with that.  
I was right to give The Husbinator less than six months to wreck the truck. He's already backed it into a pole. It didn't do any damage, but I'm still gloating internally though!  
I had a dream last night that one of the families I work with told me they were going home on Monday. I woke up happy, not because I'm happy for them (though I was), but because they're exhausting to deal with. I was bummed when I realized it was just a dream. This makes me feel like a bad human.

I took the Random Tote of Mysteriousness out of the car twice this week...and put it right back in. I did, however, discover what was in it: blankets from when I was a baby, and a dish-draining mat (which I took out of the tote before putting it back in my trunk).

A guy my mom works with posted a hateful message cursing her out on her Facebook wall that, to be blunt, pissed me off.  I asked The Husbinator to tell him if he ever disrespected her and spoke to her that way again, they'd be having a conversation in person. I'm still livid!

I feel completely unprepared for the release of Fade. I still feel like I have so much to do! 

And now that Fade is front and center in my mind again, I'm calling my confessions done and getting to work, y'all. Don't forget to post your confessions in the comments, and enter the Book Loving Chocolate Holiday contest. It ends on Sunday, and participation is simple. Like my page on FB, follow me on Twitter, or leave a comment on any post here on the blog, and you're entered! :)

Happy Sunday! 

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