Saturday, March 3, 2012

30 Days of Fade

I've had the worst dang day today. I was up and down all night last night with a headache that only got worse as the day wore on. Got to work to find out that we lost another baby. :( That always breaks my heart into tiny little pieces. Headache got worse so I had to leave work early, come home, and medicate again. I've spent the remainder of the day on the couch feeling sad, drugged, and migrainy with the sister and the demon cat.

BUT that's not what we're here for so let's get to the point of this post! It's midnight so Friday is officially over. That means:

Only 3 more days until Krystal Wade's debut novel, Wilde's Fire releases on Monday. I'm completely excited about this and cannot wait to grab a copy. Make sure you grab your copy from NYA on Monday!

Only 4 more days until my eighth wedding anniversay. Eight years? Holy crap. Where'd the time go?!

Only 7 days until The Husbinator and I blow this popsicle stand to spend a weekend relaxing in a cabin by ourselves on the outskirts of civilization. A weekend of R&R? Heck yes!

Only 8 days until I'm officially a grad school graduate. Summa cum laude. Woohoo!

Only 31 days until Fade's release. Holy #%!@#! I need to get my rear in gear and start getting things done around here!

Because I don't feel good and need a little more happy we're only 31 days away from the big day ... we're doing 30 days of Fade! I am so excited to share the entire story with all of you next month, so for the next 30 days, I'll post something Fade related here for you to enjoy, ponder, etc. And then, on day 31, you'll be able to grab your very own copy of the story. :)

Since today is Day 1, I'm giving you the first 250 (unedited) words of Fade. Don't hate me too much, and try to enjoy it, 'kay?

"Mom," I said through the lump in my throat, trying desperately to hold myself together. My eyes were trained on the little red car in the driveway, but I didn't really see it through the watery film of unshed tears trembling on my lashes. I didn't hear the soft music drifting through the crack in the driver’s side door either. As I stood on the front porch with the frigid January air whipping around me, I didn’t really notice anything but the unsteady thumping of my heart. 
I hadn't allowed myself to think about what I was doing before stepping outside with the last of my things in hand, but once the door closed behind me, I couldn't seem to think about anything else. Until that moment, everything that had happened in the last month had been tumbling around in my mind, not quite unbelievable, but not quite real just yet either.
It was that place in between.
You know the one where everything hurts, but in that detached sort of way? Kind of like a toothache in your sleep. You feel it, but you're too far under for your brain to process the pain or where it's coming from. It just kind of hangs out in there, waiting for you to wake up and acknowledge it.  I wasn’t stupid enough to believe getting in the car wouldn’t change that. It would change it forever.
My mom was dead, and she was never coming back.
Poor Arionna. :(
See you tomorrow
hopefully without the drumline using the inside of my skull for practice

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