Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Takeover! You Know You Live With a Writer If...

Ayden is getting ready for her weekend getaway, and all of her friends have staged a takeover of her blog in her absence! Since she's not here to protest anything we've planned, we're going to start the festivities off with a little game from her awesome sister.

You know you live with a writer if...

- They get so engrossed with what they are doing that you have to repeat yourself to be heard. Did you hear that? I said you have to repeat yourself to be heard.
- You ask them a question and they respond with "One more chapter" or "One more page"
- "One more chapter" or "One more page" really means "Ill answer you when I find out what happened in the story" even if that ends up being 17 chapters or 23 pages later.
- The question "What do you want for dinner?" is usually answered with silence, you know, because they are too busy reading that last page, or writing that last chapter.
- They say incredibly large words, like hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobi, and they know what they mean! (They probably even know what that one means!)
- They bring books along for road trips.
- They spend their Novembers couped up inside striving for that 50,000 word goal. (And they know without having to google that the number is 50,000 and not 30,000 like I originally wrote)
- They get annoyed with lack of proper punctuation as witnessed in this blog.
- They re-read the same books over and over again
- They always carry a book with them
- They actually *enjoy* researching things for characters or story plots.
- They know the difference between words like "their" and "there" and "your" and "you're"
- They like to take shopping trips to bookstores.

      and finally:

- The keys on their keyboard have been worn off from over-use.
Courtney blogs over at Life as a Convert and *used* to live with a writer. She now knows she does not live with a writer because she can mix up words like their and there and not get corrected, and doesnt have to ask what large words like circumlocution mean.

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