Saturday, March 17, 2012

Breathe Green

Everything is starting to bloom here, and Little Rock is a riot of green. When the wind blows, cottonwood blooms twirl around like little spring snowflakes, and cover everything in sight. The smell of spring is definitely in the air. So is pollen. And by pollen in the air, I mean OMG, I can't breathe without choking on the stuff. My poor cherry red car is this horrid yellowish green color now, as is my driveway, the roads, storefront windows, my balcony, etc.

Spring in the South always sounds so much nicer on paper and television than it is in reality. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely beautiful here this time of year. The trees are bursting into life again all over the city. We live in an apartment overlooking the river, the valley, and downtown Little Rock, and it's amazing to step outside when spring takes hold and look around. Where everything was bare just a month ago, it's now bright, lush green for miles. The state capital is this bright white spot in a sea of green now. I just love that.

The Keeper of the Cheerios, the mom, the kiddos, and I spent most of the day outside today, celebrating the green. We roasted hot dogs and s'mores over the bonfire, and watched the kiddos attempt to shoot apples off of their grandfather's head with little plastic arrows... and a golf club. Because that's how we Arkansans roll. ;)  

And, well, because I'm still suffering from neurosurgeon induced sobriety, and no one in my family has ever been much for drinking, anyway. Given the golf club-apple incident, that's probably a good thing. We get up to enough mischief without raising a pint to toast the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Either way, I think he'd approve of our celebration today. We certainly breathed green today, and isn't that what the day's about, anyway?

We stopped in Beebe this afternoon, and I'm happy to report that it, too, is celebrating the green. The town is a riot of spring color, as are the miles and miles of trees that spread out around the town. It's quite lovely, and I think our wayward hero and heroine would highly approve. It reminded me of how excited I am to get back to work on Fall after my weekend with the kiddos ends tomorrow.


P.S.: Happy 21st birthday, Shay! I hope it has been completely amazing for you!

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