Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hockey: The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Hello all, it's me PK! To some I am Ayden's wifey and to be honest that title is one I am proud of. More so than anything else I have been called, being Ayden's wifey means several different things but to truly understand the meaning we need to travel back in time to the beginning.

*hops into Doc Brown's Delorean and flies off back to the day I met A.K. Morgan*

You see, I am a fanfic writer or at this present time, was, since I am suffering from writer's block.

*secretly knows when Ayden reads this she will be beta'ing it in her head*

Anyway, I had mustered up the courage to write my first fic and didn't have a beta. I was introduced to Ayden through a mutual friend and our love for hockey is what brought us together at first..actually it was the pretty but regardless hockey was one of the first things I remember about Ayden. She was the first and only other woman I had met that was a true fan of the sport. But then I found out the ugly truth. She was a Black Hawks fan. I know, I know, everyone just calm down! It's okay, I forgave her instantly for the transgression and it spurred a series of events where we would watch our favorite teams play and comment to one another on twitter.

Then there was THE fic...

Emancipation Proclamation. Better known as EP

I bring this up because what better way to forge a friendship than through the love of someone's writing. Do you remember the anticipation of the next update or the little things that stick out from a book or a fic that instantly reminds you of it? Ayden and I have shared those same experiences over the last few years through several fics but I think EP is the one that really bound us completely.

When Ayden asked if I wanted to contribute to the blog I said absolutely. The reason? Just so I could let you all know how I truly feel about her. Ayden has been there for me through a lot of rough patches in my life. She has always been there to lend a hand not only to me but to others in every way possible and then some. One of my fondest memories was two years when we did Fandom4Preemies and I can honestly say it was one of the most important things I have ever done in my life thus far. That is because of Ayden. She has this way about her that moves you to want to help. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, she can lift my spirits with just a simple Hi or hello. She has always been my cheerleader when I have been at my lowest of the low and even though I haven't always been there for her like I should have been she has never given up on me. Her encouragement to try hard and to never give up is an inspiration to me and I can only hope for those of you that have the honor of talking with her know what a true friend and amazing person she is.

So in closing, I ask you all to do one thing. Everyone has a wifey, a best friend, your other half or a sister from another mister, go to them and hug them tight. Tell them that you love them and you appreciate them for making your life richer, tell them thank you for never giving up on you and that you hold their friendship in your heart like the precious jewel that they are.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I wish you all a blessed day!

Sempre, wifey...

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  1. you made me cry, PK!!! so glad that you guys have each other!


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