Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tragic Comic-Con Accident: How You Can Help

On Tuesday, a very special lady was killed in an accident at Comic-Con. Her name was Gisela, and she'd made the trek to Los Angeles with friends to attend the Breaking Dawn panel at Comic-Con.

Gisela was a big fan of Twilight, and members of the Twilight fandom are putting together a memorial fund for her. All proceeds of the fund will go to her family to help pay funeral and other expenses stemming from this tragic accident.

I didn't know Gisela, but one of the girls who attended with her, Lillian, has been an absolute sweetheart to me for a very long time. She's been one of my most avid supporters, and we've talked often over the last couple of years, sometimes about the more serious things in life, sometimes about the funnier parts. Lillian has always made me smile, and my heart goes out to her. I cannot even imagine losing a friend like Gisela.

I will be donating the official prologue to Fade for inclusion in a compilation of stories being put together in her honor, and I would like to encourage all of you to get involved, too.

You can make a contribution to the memorial fund here, or sign up to donate a short story (or chapter) to the anthology being put together for participants here. Submissions are due on August 3, 2012. If you would like a copy of the story compilation, forward a copy of your donation receipt to on or before August 3, 2012.



  1. Thanks for doing this. I've passed the information along.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. May I use your wording here for my own blog post? I figure as many blogs as possible will help spread the word. Let me know, please.

  3. Jessa, absolutely. And thank you for passing word along.

  4. I will tweet this. How tragic. :( At least she was dong something she loved.

  5. I don't watch the news do this is the first I've heard of this terrible event. What really saddens me is that the event center was making the line, that had been there for two days, move completely around. If they had been there for that amount of time, surely someone should have noticed that they weren't lined up where the center wanted them and should have a) asked them to move when the line was much smaller because you know everyone didn't show up at the same time; or b) asked them to move when it wasn't rush hour. You can't ask a group of people that have been camped out for 2 days to move, especially if it includes crossing traffic in any city in the USA, without expecting some kind of commotion or even just fighting. To me, a huge part of the responsibility for the tragedy falls on whoever made the decision to ask this group to move. I hope the friends and family of Gisela are coping and doing okay, and she is resting in peace.


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