Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sentences of Fade #sixsunday

Happy Sunday!

Every Tuesday, my phone buzzes to remind me to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday. And every week, I read the alert, fully intending to hop over and sign up when I get to the computer. And I never seem to remember when I do get there. Oy. Gotta love having no memory. But I remembered this week!

Since Fade releases in eleven days (holy crap!), I thought I'd give you another few sentences from the novel. I hope you enjoy this little teaser. :)

The cub growled in recognition of his name.
"He's very pretty," I told Buka when she and Kalei halted in front of me.
Buka huffed.
"She says he's very tiring too," Dace translated, a smile in his voice.

The little wolf yapped, sounding outraged. .

Remember, you can check out six sentences from authors all around the web here today (and every Sunday). Not all posts are young adult friendly.



  1. The pup sounds adorable. I love the cover design, good luck with your upcoming release.

  2. Intriguing snippet --nice sample. Congrats on the release! And much success to you! :-)


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