Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet @SarahAisling: Upcoming Author and Judge

Please welcome Sarah Aisling, our first Pitch Contest judge to the spotlight. Sarah is no newbie to contests. In fact, her first publishing contract with The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House came after she won their pitch contest. Her first novel, The Weight of Roses, is currently in the editing phases.

I've been a big fan of Sarah's writing for a while now, and am so excited to have her help judging the contest. I've been reading one of her serials for ages, and she never ceases to make me cry or squirm. It's ridiculous how amazing she is at capturing emotion. That's a good thing. My favorite kind of story is one that breaks my heart into little pieces and then puts it back together again. As if that didn't make her awesome enough, she also has great taste in friends. I just adore her  nd her partner in crime, Keye.

I'll shut up now and let Sarah speak for herself. :)

My name is Sarah, and writing is as essential to me as breathing. I live on the East Coast of the US with my Prince Charming, who indulges and encourages my writing one hundred percent. Someday, I hope to write full time instead of fitting it in between.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

Sarah Aisling: No Regrets

You just made the newspaper! What did you do?!

Hopefully, wrote a bestselling novel that was made into a multi-million dollar movie. :)

In high school you were most likely to ....

Party until 3am and then drag myself to class with a few hours of sleep.

Tell us about your publishing credits. Have you won any awards?

I won a romance writing contest with TWCS Publishing House, much like the pitch contest Curiosity Quills is now running, and was offered a publishing contract. My novel, The Weight of Roses, is in the editing process and has not been assigned a publication date as of yet. I'll be working on the sequel The Path of Thorns during my first stint in NaNoWriMo in November!

Where else can readers find you?

My website:

Thanks so much for participating, Sarah!
Don't forget to keep an eye out for The Weight of Roses!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comments and for the chance to be able to judge the new talent! I'm very excited about this.



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