Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Fall - The Ragnarok Prophesies - Book 2

Hello, lovelies!

It's time for another edition of Teaser Tuesday.

Everyone keeps telling me to hurry up and finish Book Two. Since I can only write so fast, I've decided to get you a little unedited excerpt from the book today to tide you over. As usual any errors are mine. Keep reading after the teaser for your chance to take a chapter-length sneak peek at the continuation of their story before it's even finished. :)

Ready for it?!


"Men suck," I muttered to Chelle.

She nodded, wide-eyed.

Dace growled behind me before jumping to his feet.

"Put me down," I hissed when he scooped me up like a child.

One of the blankets wrapped around me fluttered to the bench.

Twenty pairs of eyes turned in our direction.

Chelle’s mouth dropped open.

"No." Dace straightened, his face a thundercloud as he stormed down the bleachers with me in his arms.

I glared up at him, wanting to strangle him. Or bite him. Hard. I did not appreciate being manhandled like an unruly child in the throes of a temper tantrum. I had a legitimate reason to be pissed, and he knew it.

"Let me go now, Dace," I hissed again when his feet hit the snow at the bottom of the bleachers.

He ignored me, his long, angry strides carrying us quickly away from the crowd. Only when he’d cleared the administration building, effectively blocking three hundred sets of prying eyes, did he set me on my feet again.

"You wanted to yell at me, so yell," he said, leaning back against the building with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked furious with his jaw set and his green eyes flashing fire like they were.

"You don’t get it, do you?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to scream at him, cry, or pull my hair out. "I’m not a freaking child, Dace!"

"I never said you were, Arionna."

"You didn’t have to say it." I clutched my blanket around me, trying not to lose my temper. He was so freaking infuriating! "You, Dad, Ronan, Gage, all four of you make decisions without consulting me or even telling me what’s going on. You talk about me like I’m not in the room. You refuse to listen to what I have to say. You lie to me. Every time I think you’re getting better at dealing with this, you prove me wrong. Do you even care what I think?"

"You know I do."

"Really?" I clenched my hands inside the blanket, a last ditch effort not to strangle him. My heart pounded in my chest, causing blood to rush through me in a torrent of sound. "When was the last time you asked my opinion on any of this? When was the last time you stopped for two seconds to ask what I thought we should do? Or what I wanted?"

"What do you want, Arionna?" he asked. The words were soft, a lot softer than the razor-sharp frustration stinging at me through our bond.
               "I want you to wake up!" I took a deep breath as the shouted words reverberated in the frigid air around us. "You’re so insistent on protecting me, you don’t even care that I’m not the only one in danger here. You and Ronan decided to let him do this thing today, and didn’t even ask what I thought about it, or consider that it could end badly."

"It’s not going to end badly."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked him. "Can you promise me, one hundred percent, with absolutely no doubts whatsoever that something won’t go wrong today?"

Dace clamped his jaws together without speaking.
            "That’s what I thought. You can’t promise me that, because you don’t know."

Eeek! I wonder what he did to get her all riled up?!

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  1. Loved the teaser! I love that Dace is such an alpha and very possessive and protective of Arionna. Even though she does get very annoyed by it (with good reason). I can't wait till this book comes out!! :)

  2. Loved this! Looking forward to reading the book.



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