Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The @CuriosityQuills Black Friday Book Blowout is Here!

Do you like good .99 cent books? Me too!
Everyone loves a good book sale, especially when it means you don't have to elbow your way through crowds of people driving their shopping carts like they're in a bumper car death race. So stay home this Black Friday, and take advantage of the amazing Book Blowout from Curiosity Quills! All CQ titles (including Fade!) are on sale for .99 cents from the 21st through the 25th of November. Woohoo!

Check out the details from CQ below. :)

Curiosity Quills Press has a lot to be thankful for this year. As a way of showing their gratitude, the CQ team is proud to announce a very special Black Friday Book Blowout for this Thanksgiving Day shopping season.

All Curiosity Quills Press electronic titles will be marked down to just $0.99, with the special pricing available across major online retailers from November 21 through the subsequent Sunday of November 25.

Here's the rundown of the awesome titles available!
  • Mike Robinson’s The Green-Eyed Monster combines a detective story untangling a mysterious murder, with creepy, horror-infused storylines demonstrating the victim’s and his killer’s entangled powers over reality.
  • Nina Post’s hilarious Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse, follows the post-apocalyptic bounty-hunter-turned-condo-manager, Kelly Driscoll, as she wheels and deals with angels, demons, and more to keep the last remaining condo building still standing and keep another apocalypse at bay.
  • Randy Attwood’s Blow Up the Roses is a gritty mystery showing how the vilest of evils can infest a seemingly normal cul d’sac, and that every closet has (at least one) skeleton.
  • Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.’s Wet Dream plunges readers into a futuristic detective pulp novel with twists to spare, while staying true as a tongue-in-cheek satire of the porn industry; that is, until things get really wild!
  • K.H. Koehler, author of the popular Mrs.McGillycuddy steampunk vampire novels, strikes back with a brand new quirky urban fantasy series following a its clever, sarcastic hero as he matches wits with angels, colludes with devils, and battles false gods in The Devil You Know (Nick Englebrecht, No. 1).
  • Michael Shean’s new cyberpunk dystopian novel, Bone Wires, follows a jaded detective on the hunt for the elusive and deadly “Spine Thief” in this companion piece to his debut Shadow of a Dead Star.
  • Nathan L. Yocum’s cinematic narrative style makes a comeback in his second CQ novel, the steampunk mystery – Automatic Woman – in which a thief-catcher races to capture a rogue clockwork ballerina and discover its bloody secrets.
  • Jessa Russo’s debut hit, Ever, serves up a very different take on eternal love, with some of the most memorable ghostly characters we’ve ever met in this urban fantasy romance.
  • Krystal Wade completes her Darkness Falls urban fantasy trilogy with the last book of the series, Wilde’s Meadow, seeing the conclusion of Katriona Wilde’s struggle against the God of Darkness, and the high – often tragic – price of peace.
  • A.K. Morgen’s Fade turns the werewolf romance genre on its ear with the intertwining of Norse mythology throughout this urban fantasy romance debut.
  • Michael Panush, author of the outstanding Stein & Candle Detective Agency series, is back with another pulpy franchise – El Mosaico, Vol. 1: Scarred Souls. Follow Clayton Cane, a “patchwork man” put together through dark voodoo and evil science, as he outwits and outguns his way through the Weird West of Civil War times.
  • Lisa Collicutt’s The Gathering Darkness takes a Celtic view of Witchcraft, past lives, and paranormal romance adventures in modern times and beyond.
The Black Friday Blowout will also include all previously published CQ titles as well.

Pretty cool, right? I think so! So roll up your sleeves, loves, break out the Amazon (or B&N) card, and get busy cramming your ereader full of Curiosity Quills goodness.


Fade - The Ragnarok Prophesies: Book One - On Sale at: Amazon US | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

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  1. What a collection of great titles for awesome prices! I really enjoyed reading all the brief synopses. Thanks A.K.! :-)


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