Monday, November 19, 2012

Your Perfect Paranormal Pitch Winner is...

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to announce that we officially have a winner for the Perfect Paranormal/Fantasy Pitch Contest! The vote was incredibly close, but after tallying all responses the winner is....

Please join me in congratulating Kristin, who's won some fantast prizes, including the opportunity to have her entry, The Book of John, read by a Submission Editor for Curiosity Quills Press. You can read Kristin's winning entry here.

In addition to the grand prize above, Kristin has won:

*A live plot session with C.L. Parker, author of the Supernova Saga. Plot session will be one hour long, held on GChat during a time mutually agreed upon by author and contest winner. C.L. will help tighten up plot, answer research questions, and more. 

*A first page critique by Jamie Ayres, author of 18 Things.

*A query critique by A.K. Morgen, author of Fade. (Yes, me!)

*Collaboration with freelance cover and graphic artist Amber Wilson on a story or author banner or graphic for your website or blog.

Plus Kristin has raked in the loot with:

*An e-copy of T.M. Franklin's MORE (Release Date: 10/4/12).

*An e-copy of Jessa Russo's EVER (Release date: 10/1/12).

*An e-copy of A.K. Morgen's Fade.

Kristin has also won the banner above, designed by the amazing Brandi Whitmer, which can be displayed on her site, and will be displayed on the site here as well. Congratulations, Kristin, on all of your hard work and your success in the contest!

Please also help me congratulate Geoff Wright and Christine Kuehn Kelly, our other two finalists. Their submissions were fantastic, and I personally hope to read more from them both in the near future. :)

If you didn't win, don't fret. This doesn't mean you can't query your entry to Curiosity Quills later. :)


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