Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fall - The Ragnarok Prophesies: Book Two #teasertuesday #newadult

Two teasers in one week? I must be crazy.

Well, we already knew that, but I love teasers, so I figured why not.

This is from FALL, which is currently with my right hand woman and bestie, Jen, who tells me when I make no sense. After she gives her stamp of approval, edits will go back to the B.E.E for her to work more of her magic, and so on and so forth until I deliver it safely into your hands some time this fall (Octoberish). :)


          "Oh, Dace." I hugged him harder.

            He sighed. "I can replace everything I lost. I have insurance." Something dark vibrated in his voice, seething right below the surface.

"What can I do?" I asked, hopelessness stabbing like a knife in my chest.

"Stay safe," he whispered, his voice cracking. "I can't lose you too."

I pressed my lips to his chest, over his heart, biting back the urge to sob in his arms. He sounded so broken, felt so small in my arms. And I couldn't help him.

He held me tightly for long moments, rocking us back and forth. I melted into him, doing my best to comfort him. I knew what it was like to lose everything, and it sucked. But this . . . this sucked more. Dace had nothing left. No family. No home. Nothing but a messed up destiny threatening to rip apart the rest of his world. And me. He still had me.

"What happens now?" I asked when his arms loosened around me.

"I have to go make a statement to the police." He brushed his lips across my forehead. "Are you okay with Naomi here?"

Sad Dace. Oh no! I feel like I should apologize for ruining his day, but then I remember how much of a pain in the ass he is, and I feel smug and vindicated for being on the giving end of a bad day for once. Important Declaration: I'm not a sadist. Really. 


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