Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday 2: Ravish - The Teplo Files

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

I've come to deliver your weekly teaser. I've spent a lot of time rewriting Ravish (Book 1 of the Teplo Files) over the last couple of weeks, so I hope you don't mind another teaser from this particular story. :)


Strobe lights flashed across the room, briefly striking the mass of smiling faces crammed onto the dance floor. The dancers swayed and jumped to the loud, electronic beat vibrating the floor beneath Tristan Riley's boots, oblivious to everyone around them. The rapidly moving lights illuminated only bits and pieces of the eighty or so inside the club. Flashes of skin, bright smiles… vacant, bloodshot eyes. Just enough to make Tristan sick to his stomach.

He slipped through the crowd soundlessly, taking pains to avoid the flailing limbs precariously close to invading his personal space. Trying to blend in and go unnoticed amidst the drugged dancers in various stages of intoxication.

A waifish looking young guy spun in front of him, his arms shooting out as if to test whether he'd gained the ability to fly since making his way inside Teplo when the doors opened. Someone moved into the empty space behind Tristan a split second too soon, knocking him forward, into the guy flapping his arms like a bird. His bony elbow hit Tristan squarely in the stomach.

"Dammit," Tristan muttered, quickly stepping around the oblivious fool. Getting knocked on his ass in the middle of the dark club wasn't part of Tristan's plan. He needed to get to the far side of the dance floor. He grimaced and gave up trying to force his way through the crowd crammed onto the dance floor, instead pressing his body close to the wall.

Narrowing his eyes to peer through the mass of dancers, Tristan tried to gauge the distance between his current position and his target. Someone had scrawled the word "storage" across the battered door with a black marker, but Tristan wasn't stupid. He'd bet his left nut the floor of Teplo hadn't see the business end of a mop in weeks.

Besides, judging from the broken glass and buckling pavement out front, the Vetrov brothers weren't all that concerned with keeping up appearances. No way were they shelling out the cash to stock bullshit supplies they didn't use. Whatever they hid in that room was a lot more sinister than outdated and unused bottles of Mr. Clean.

Unfortunately, Tristan wouldn't get a chance to test his theory tonight.

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