Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Burning Rain #flashfiction

Happy Tuesday, lovelies.

This isn't a teaser so much as a little writing exercise. When words won't flow, I find a photograph, usually on Tumblr, that speaks to me, and try to capture the image in words. This is one of those attempts.

It's a little steamy, but hey, I never promised G ratings around here!  Enjoy. :)

Water falls in thick drops, sliding off his skin and onto mine. It's cool where it lands, like little spots of relief on overheated skin, but I barely feel it. Blades of winter roughened bark scrape at my back, but I don't feel those either. All I feel is him surrounding me… and he is everywhere.

My heart races beneath the tips of his fingers, pounding out a chorus of yeses as his hands slide down my sides. He hasn't even kissed me yet, and I'm in heaven. Overwhelmed by him… his touch, his scent, the hitch of his breath.

I'm burning everywhere. Not even the rain pouring down around us eases the intense ache I feel.

His hair drips in my face, and he sighs. The sound is reverent, worshipful… full of relief and need in turns.

Please, I beg, needing him in ways I can't even begin to describe.

He doesn't disappoint.

He dips his head, lapping a bead of water from my collarbone. My back arches, pushing me closer to him. Drops of water steam where he presses kisses into my throat. My heart thumps wildly against his fingertips one final time before he slides them downward, exploring my damp skin, driving me crazy.

My legs tremble beneath me. Each time his hands slip lowers, another soft gasp whispers from my lips. Every flick of his tongue drives my pulse rate higher. I can't wait any longer and he knows it.

He grasps my sides, pulling me up, twining my legs around his hips.

I cry out as his mouth descends on mine, his tongue dipping inside.

Pleasure rushes over me, spirals through me. I feel the water this time… inside, outside… everywhere.

Just like he said I would.
Sorry for the stupid formatting. I still don't know how to fix Blogger when it does this. Grr.

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