Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teaser Tuesday and the Rogers, AR #IndieAuthorEvent

Happy Teaser Tuesday!

I hope the week is speeding by for all of you! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Friday and the Rogers, Arkansas Indie Mash-Up event. I'll be there (along with forty other amazing Indie authors!) signing books, giving away swag, checking out meeting the cover models, and having a great time. If you're going, make sure you stop by and say hello to me and Sharon Bayliss, my CQ sister.

And if you haven't gotten your tickets already, there is still time. Grab them at http://indieauthorevent.com.

But until then... how about a teaser from Stricken (The War Scrolls: Book One)? I'm really excited about how this story has come along, and cannot wait to share the entire journey with you. Soon, I hope! :)

"Do you ever wish you could forget everything?" Aubrey asked Kaeden, popping her eyes open to look at him.
He leaned back against the wall beside the desk, watching her.
"No," he said.
"Oh." She frowned.
"Have you ever read The Old Man and the Sea?"
She nodded, setting the notepad and pen aside.
"You remember how the old man always dreamed of lions, how he wondered why they were the main things left?"
Aubrey nodded again.
"Memory is like that," he said. "When you shut things out, the sense of kinship you feel to the people in your life, to the places and things that were important to you begin to fade away. Sometimes, you think the things left behind hurt less than what you can't or won't remember, that the lions guard against the more painful memories seething below the surface, but that's not always true." He met her gaze, solemnity burning in the sky-blue depths of his eyes. "Sometimes, the lions are the enemy."
"I mostly remember the stuff that hurts," she whispered, rising from the bed. "The way my father looked at me when he told me Aaron was dead. The way the fire twisted and charred the porch swing." She shook her head a little to dislodge the painful memory. "I thought I could outrun those memories. I thought that if I just ran far enough, fast enough, time would wash them away, and it wouldn't hurt anymore, but I think I might have been wrong because those bad memories are still there, and most of the time, I can't find the good ones... The sound of my dad laughing, or the color of Aaron's eyes. The smell of home. I never meant to forget those things."
Kaeden stepped forward, forcing her to tilt her head back to look up at him. He still seemed so big to her. He still overwhelmed her. But he didn't frighten her anymore.
"You look tired." She fought the urge to lift her hand to touch his face.
"I am," he said, the corner of his lips turning up in a half-smile.
He stared down at her, his half-smile slipping. He looked at her then like he had earlier, before he'd kissed her. His eyes swirled with a dizzying parade of emotion. She couldn't read them all, but she understood enough. He felt as torn as she did.
"Will I remember you five years from now?" she whispered, her heart aching with fear that she would forget him like she had so much else, and with fear that she would remember him. That she would survive this nightmare and he would haunt her for the rest of her days.
"Do you want to remember me?" He took another step in her direction.

"I don't know."  She frowned, confused. "I feel safe with you. I don't think I want to forget that."


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