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Deny Me: Her Best Friend's Father Excerpt #steamyreads #romance #teasers

Dive into the Her Best Friend's Father Trio with DENY ME, which includes the first three novellas in the steamy series! 

Two weeks.
No strings.
No commitments.

Those are the terms Mila Lawson offers Roman Gregory when they find themselves living together in Santa Cruz.
With a violent gang gunning for him and a cartel threatening to go to war, the last thing the ATF agent should be thinking about is claiming his daughter's twenty-two-year-old best friend. But after four long years of lusting after the gorgeous little blonde from afar, once Roman has her, he's not willing to give her up. 
She may be off-limits, but something about Mila drives him wild. There's nothing sweet about the things he wants to do to her, and nothing gentle about the way he takes her. She makes him crave a future he never envisioned for himself…one so much better than he ever dreamed was possible.
To keep her, he'll be forced to face the daughter he adores. To save her, he'll break every rule in the book.
Nothing will stand in his way. Not his daughter. Not the gang hunting him. Not even the law itself.
Deny Me includes the first three novellas in Ayden K. Morgen's Her Best Friend's Father series, plus 40 pages of bonus content. No cheating, with a guaranteed HEA.

"You headed to the condo?" Finn asks when I flip on my blinker and hang a left.
"Yep. About two minutes out."
"Good. Stay there until this shit blows over," he instructs like I didn't already plan on doing exactly that.
I'm not stupid. I know how this game works. I live and breathe the fucking rules, both the ATF's and my own. Losing isn't an option for me, not when that means putting Talia at risk. My entire life revolves around keeping her safe. It has since the day I found out she was my kid, and I will never do anything that puts her in the sights of men like Guerrero or his boss.
"Plan on it," I tell him anyway as I make the final turn onto my street. The smell of the ocean seeps through the vents, intensifying. The sound of waves crashing against the shore washes over me, but the familiar sound doesn't soothe me like usual. I'm wound tight and beyond pissed.
Fucking Brady.
"I'll keep you advised of the situation here," Finn says.
"Yeah, thanks."
He disconnects the call.
I toss my phone into the center console, and then hit the garage door opener as my condo comes into view ahead. The place is modest compared to most of the other homes in the area, but I don't need big and flashy. I don't come here for that. When I come here, it's to escape, not to impress anyone.
"What the fuck?" I mutter as I pull into the driveway, staring at the red Dodge Charger parked in my garage. I've never seen the car before, and I know Talia isn't here since she texted me two hours ago to tell me that she and Trent are already in love with their new place in Sacramento. The lights in the condo are off, the entire place shrouded in darkness.
Warning bells begin pinging in the back of my mind.
"No fucking way they've found this place already," I tell myself. The condo isn't even in my name or any alias I've ever used. I buried the purchase under a mound of paperwork when I bought the place. I come here when I need to get away. It's quiet, peaceful, and close enough to Berkeley that I could spend time with Talia before she graduated, without worrying about who might find out about her. Finding me here would take a fucking miracle.
The reminder doesn't relax the tension coiling my muscles into tight knots.
I kill the headlights, back out to the road, and roll three houses down before reaching into my glove compartment to grab my Glock. After thumbing off the safety, I shove my phone into my pocket in case I need it. Once I kill the engine and step out of the truck, I keep to the shadows, circling around to the back of my property with my gun held firmly in my grasp.
I strain to hear anything over the crashing waves as I move through the shadows, but the house is silent.
That fact doesn't help relax me any, either.
Moving quickly, I slip through the side gate. The hinges squeal, but the sound is so faint, the wind quickly swallows it. I stay in the shadows for a long moment, watching for any movement through the floor to ceiling windows. The house appears to be as vacant as I left it after Talia's graduation.
I make my way to the back deck and then stop before my boots hit the first step. The back door is standing open, and the lamp beside the couch is on, casting the room into muted shadow.
And then I see her.
Mila Lawson.
Talia's best friend, and the entire reason I have a rule about not fucking my daughter's friends.
Blondes with green eyes are a dime a dozen in California, but blondes like Mila? Not even close. She has no clue how fucking gorgeous she is. She's curvy, soft in all the right places, and has the longest, sexiest legs I've ever seen. Her ass should be criminal. It's soft and round, and I want to know what it feels like in my hands while her legs are wrapped around my waist and I'm balls deep inside of her. I want to know what that soft voice sounds like screaming my name.
I've fantasized about her so much over the last four years, it's ridiculous. Since the day I met her, she's looked at me like she knows exactly what I'm thinking. Like she might not object if I gave in to the filthy thoughts running through my head and claimed her.
That's a problem for me.
I don't fuck my daughter's friends. Ever.

Reviewers are saying

"Scorching-hot taboo little story. I enjoyed it a lot. It's well written, well paced, and so hot!" Goodreads Reviewer
"What an enticing read! Roman’s and Mila’s chemistry sizzles off the pages and leaves you wanting more, more, more." Jolanda Gelissen, Amazon Reviewer
"Amazing, captivating story. I'm in love with the characters and cannot wait to read what happens next!!! 100% recommend!!" G. Kendall, Amazon Reviewer
"A gripping salacious read told from both Roman and Mila’s POV." AnnieB (Amazon UK Review)
"The series so far gets 5 shooting stars!!" Angie_stl (Amazon Review)
"I have an addiction with this story. It's definitely sensual and altogether passionate. The chemistry between the characters in every intimate scene is riveting." - Babel (Goodread Review)
"It it had me laughing, crying, moaning, heart racing and seeking a cold shower." D. Cinnamon (BookBub Review)
"The scenes were well written, the descriptions were amazing, and it makes you want to put yourself in the character’s shoes. Another stellar writing performance from Ayden K. Morgen!" Julie Fillner (Goodreads Review)

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