Friday, July 26, 2019

Rapture: The Playlist

For Rapture, I went back to the good ole' 90s for inspiration. There's just something about 90s R&B and hip hop that I can' get enough of. Some really great music came out during that period, and it's just as fun now as it was then. It doesn't matter what I'm writing, there's a 90s song that inspires me. Here are some of my favorites from the Rapture Playlist!

If I Ever Fall in Love by Shai
·         This is just a great song.

Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell
·         When the boys wouldn't cooperate with me, I blasted this song on repeat. I'm still not tired of it. lol

Nobody by Keith Sweat and Athena Cage
·         This was my jam back in the day. It's sexy and sweet at the same time. It reminds me a lot of Tristan with Lillian.

Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton
·         This is another favorite. No one does sad songs like 90s R&B artists did them. This one is pretty great.

All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) by Joe
·         Despite the cheating connotations, this is another sweet, but sexy song.

When Can I See You by Babyface
·         I had the biggest crush on this man when I was younger. This song is kind of incredible, and fits parts of this story so well. When the thing happens and Tristan is without Lillian… *sobs*

Gangsta Paradise by Coolio
·         Who doesn't know every word of this song? It's the perfect anthem for Tristan, Roman, and Kincaid when they go rogue. I love it!

Hail Mary by Makaveli
·         Another great anthem song. Tristan is all about revenge in Rapture. 

How I Could Just Kill a Man by Cypress Hill
·         I love Cypress Hill. They're always entertaining, and this song is another great revenge-type song.

Shoop by Salt-n-Pepa
·         What? Tristan, Roman, Jason, Luke, and Kincaid are all in one book. Of course I blasted this one!

Ambitionz az a Ridah by 2Pac
·         I know he's already on the list once as Makaveli, but I've always been a big Tupac fan. I listened to him frequently while writing Rapture, and this song always helped me get in the zone when I needed to write some of the grittier scenes.

Secret by Maroon 5
·         There's a scene in Rapture where Tristan arrives home and Lillian is singing. This is the song she's singing. I know it's not 90s, but I had to include it on the list since it plays a role in the book.

Also notable are Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai and Stiletto Sex by Myah. These songs inspired two of Rapture's bonus scenes.

You can listen to the playlist on Youtube!

ABOUT RAPTURE (Teplo Trilogy #3)

All's fair in love and war…

Four months ago, DEA agent Tristan Riley nearly lost his life and the disabled ballerina who stole his heart. Now his relationship with Lillian Maddox is stronger than ever, and he wants nothing more than to put Teplo and the Vetrov case behind him. But when Elijah Noel and the deadly Vetrov drug appear in Los Angeles, Tristan is thrust right back into the middle of his worst nightmare.

In order to stop a vicious gang war and keep the drug out of Pedro Francisco's hands, the DEA agent finds himself wading into unfamiliar gang territory. The stakes are high, and the body count is even higher. Los Angeles is nothing like Seattle…and Francisco's people are a whole new level of terrifying.

When the DEA jeopardizes Lillian's safety and loses their one shot at finding the Vetrov drug, Tristan walks away from his job to save her life. With a rogue ATF agent and Michael Kincaid at his side, he will stop at nothing to bring her home safely.

Outnumbered, outgunned, and with his back against the wall, Tristan will find his resolve tested in ways he never could have imagine. Making a deal with the devil was never in his plans, but he'll do whatever it takes to save his ballerina one last time…even if he has to catapult the entire West Coast into a drug war unlike they've ever seen.

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