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  • All Over You

Kindergarten teacher Ivy Kendall knows exactly what she wants out of life, and it doesn't include a tattooed homicide detective. Or a murder investigation. Too bad she doesn't get a say...

Someone is using her name, her photos, and her life to target a college kid. When he goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Ivy lands in the middle of a murder investigation. And she's the primary suspect.


It's up to her to find the real culprit and clear her name before she goes to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Lucky for her, the hotter-than-Hades detective, Cameron Lewis, is more than willing to break a few rules to help her out.


All he wants in return is her heart.


As the evidence against her piles up and the explosive chemistry between them deepens, Ivy wants nothing more than to lean on Cam. He already has her body. Now she has to find the courage to trust him with her freedom and her heart.


And the clock is ticking.


Can this murder suspect learn to trust a homicide detective with her future and her heart, or will the dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows destroy more than just one life?


If you enjoy scorching hot contemporary romance, laugh-out-loud comedy, and gripping suspense, you will love All Over You, a standalone high heat romantic suspense novel.

  • All Falls Down

She's a college student on the run from an abusive ex. He's the millionaire posing as her adopted sister's boyfriend. Their secret relationship will test them in unexpected ways, putting them on a collision course with a deadly enemy.

After walking in on her abusive boyfriend and her best friend in bed together, Savannah Martin thinks life can't possibly get any worse. And then she wakes up in a hospital in Italy, scared and alone. With nowhere left to go, Savannah returns to the family who took her in when she was a teenager.


But things aren't as simple as they were then.


For starters, two years of abuse has broken Savannah in ways she's not sure can be repaired. And patriarch Matthew Talbot is dead, leaving his eldest daughter, Lexi, in charge of a global non-profit and her younger sisters.

Jared Corbit, the millionaire posing as Lexi's boyfriend, is the only thing standing between her and whoever murdered her father. Jared treats Savannah like no one ever has before. Trying to resist him is impossible.


But secrets abound in the Talbot household, and nothing is what it appears.


When the truth comes out, Savannah's fragile world threatens to fall apart. Forced to choose between her adopted family and the man she loves, Savannah will make a choice that may prove fatal.


Lies will be told, lines crossed, and blood spilled in All Falls Down, the angsty and emotional first book in the All Falls Down duet from bestselling romantic suspense author Ayden K. Morgen. 

  • Fight for You

The only thing harder than letting going back.

Ten years ago, Michael "Cade" Kincaid and January James lost everything in one horrible moment. They've spent the years since desperately trying to forget the tragedy that tore them apart.

Some memories aren't so easily forgotten. Neither are some people.

When a dangerous enemy from the past reappears, Cade is forced back to the city he fled to protect the girl he left behind. But keeping her safe may come at a price neither he nor January is prepared to pay. 

As old feelings and buried secrets resurface, Cade and January will face more than just an old enemy. They'll come face to face with themselves and the guilt they tried so hard to hide. 

The consequences will shake the very foundation of their world and reshape their future together...if it doesn't kill them first. 

If you enjoy second chance romance, gripping suspense, and tales of redemption, you will love Cade and January's powerful story. Fight for You can be read as a standalone title. 

  • Kill for You

Some people are worth fighting for...

Forced upon a mother who didn't want her and enslaved by a cartel that refuses to let her go, Faith Donovan's life has never been her own. She thought she'd made peace with her fate…until Detective Octavio Hernandez sweeps in and carries her out of her blood-soaked cage. The way he cares for her makes her ache for what she never thought she'd find: love and a family of her own. 

But trusting him when she knows he has an ulterior motive is no easy feat.

Octavio swore to give Faith the freedom she craves in exchange for her help bringing down the cartel that murdered his sister. But that was before he fell in love with her and her quiet bravery. Now he wants nothing more than a future with her...even if it means walking away from his lifelong search for answers.

But is love enough to keep Faith by his side, or will freedom prove too much of a lure? 

Kill for You is a powerful and gritty romantic suspense novel. If you enjoy gripping organized crime thrillers, passionate slow burn romance, and multicultural casts, you'll love Kill for You! The book can be read as a standalone. 

  • Deny Me

Two weeks.

No strings.

No commitments.


Those are the terms Mila Lawson offers Roman Gregory when they find themselves living together in Santa Cruz.


With a violent gang gunning for him and a cartel threatening to go to war, the last thing the ATF agent should be thinking about is claiming his daughter's twenty-two-year-old best friend. But after four long years of lusting after the gorgeous little blonde from afar, once Roman has her, he's not willing to give her up. 


She may be off-limits, but something about Mila drives him wild. There's nothing sweet about the things he wants to do to her, and nothing gentle about the way he takes her. She makes him crave a future he never envisioned for himself…one so much better than he ever dreamed was possible.

To keep her, he'll be forced to face the daughter he adores. To save her, he'll break every rule in the book.


Nothing will stand in his way. Not his daughter. Not the gang hunting him. Not even the law itself.

Deny Me includes the first three novellas in Ayden K. Morgen's Her Best Friend's Father series, plus 40 pages of exclusive bonus content.

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