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A Warrior for Her

The Warrior series is a group of interconnected standalone novels featuring many of the police officers and federal agents introduced in the Teplo Trilogy and the Her Best Friend's Father saga.

This series deals with sensitive subject matter, including gang and gun violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, and suicidal ideation. It is not appropriate for all readers.


Learn more about the books and the cause they support below!

Fight for You


The only thing harder than letting going back.

Ten years ago, Michael "Cade" Kincaid and January James lost everything in one horrible moment. They've spent the years since desperately trying to forget the tragedy that tore them apart.

Some memories aren't so easily forgotten. Neither are some people.

When a dangerous enemy from the past reappears, Cade is forced back to the city he fled to protect the girl he left behind. But keeping her safe may come at a price neither he nor January is prepared to pay. 

As old feelings and buried secrets resurface, Cade and January will face more than just an old enemy. They'll come face to face with themselves and the guilt they tried so hard to hide. 

The consequences will shake the very foundation of their world and reshape their future together...if it doesn't kill them first. 

If you enjoy second chance romance, gripping suspense, and tales of redemption, you will love Cade and January's powerful story. Fight for You can be read as a standalone title. 

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Kill for You


Some people are worth fighting for...

Forced upon a mother who didn't want her and enslaved by a cartel that refuses to let her go, Faith Donovan's life has never been her own. She thought she'd made peace with her fate…until Detective Octavio Hernandez sweeps in and carries her out of her blood-soaked cage. The way he cares for her makes her ache for what she never thought she'd find: love and a family of her own. 

But trusting him when she knows he has an ulterior motive is no easy feat.

Octavio swore to give Faith the freedom she craves in exchange for her help bringing down the cartel that murdered his sister. But that was before he fell in love with her and her quiet bravery. Now he wants nothing more than a future with her...even if it means walking away from his lifelong search for answers.

But is love enough to keep Faith by his side, or will freedom prove too much of a lure? 

Kill for You is a powerful and gritty romantic suspense novel. If you enjoy gripping organized crime thrillers, passionate slow burn romance, and multicultural casts, you'll love Kill for You! The book can be read as a standalone. 

Bleed for You


Two worlds collide when a strait-laced cop falls for a single mother with ties to a major drug cartel.


In Declan Carter's world, rules are meant to be obeyed. Selena Ortega makes her own rules. But when the by-the-book cop meets the mysterious single mom with dangerous ties to a drug cartel, the rule book quickly goes out the window.

There's a price on Selena's head, and Declan isn't the kind of man to leave a woman in danger. Falling for Selena and her infant son was never part of Declan's plan…but even the best laid plans can go awry when matters of the heart are involved.


After fleeing with a cartel kingpin's only son, Selena knows her only chance of survival is to disappear for good. Falling for a cop has bad idea written all over it, but Declan makes her want something more than a life on the run.


When lust turns to love and the lines between duty and desire blur, Declan and Selena will come face to face with what really matters in life. To help Selena and her baby break free of the cartel hunting them, Declan will do whatever it takes.


Even if it means sacrificing his life to save theirs.

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