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Book Spotlight & Review: Some Like It Hops by Jessalyn Jameson

Today is release day for Some Like It Hops by Jessalyn Jameson> HOPS is a short novella that's part of the Girl Power Collection. Check out the details and my review below!

Badass female brewery owner ✔

Irresistible alpha male ✔ Undeniable chemistry ✔

Something is brewing, and it's not just the hops...

Charlie Harper grew up surrounded by men, so making a name for herself in the male-driven world of craft brewing should be a piece of cake. But when she finds the perfect warehouse location for her first brewery, she learns that someone else has their eye on the site. And Griffin Lane, CEO of the largest and fastest growing craft beer company on the west coast, doesn’t give up easily. At first glance, Griffin’s just as ruthless and arrogant as the reputation preceding him. Money can’t buy happiness? Whoever said that clearly didn’t have enough of it. Cash is king, and Griffin’s ready to pay whatever it takes to procure the next location for Fast Lane Brewing. Too bad Charlie can’t be bought. Going toe-to-toe with Griffin is easy at first; Charlie’s more than capable of dealing with hard-headed men. But something is brewing here and it’s not just the hops. As their attraction to one another builds, the battle over real estate fades to the background, and soon, neither one of them can ignore their chemistry.

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I've been excited to read this one since I saw that it was coming. The girl on the cover is adorable! I have to say that I was not disappointed by this book. It's quick, playful, and fun, but also serves as a powerful reminder that things and people aren't always what they seem. Sometimes, you just have to dig a little deeper.

I was slightly worried the brewery/beer bits would go over my head because I know nothing about either, but I didn't struggle at all with those parts of the book.

I love Charlie and her sass. She's not afraid to fight for what she wants and she knows her own worth. She isn't willing to take less than she deserves or let anyone run her over.

Griffin starts out as an arrogant jerk that I wanted to run over with a tractor, but he quickly stole my heart. After certain events humble him a bit, he turns into a really likeable character I found myself rooting for. The chemistry between him and Charlie is palpable and hot!

If you're in the mood for a quick and fun read with a point, I highly recommend Some Like it Hops.

Jessalyn Jameson writes sexy, troubled love stories that break the rules and sit just outside the romance box. Jameson's couples mess up, break up, make up . . . and fight their way to their HEA.

Nothing worth having comes easily--why should a happy ending be any different? When she's not writing, you can usually find her with a drink in hand and a far-off look in her eyes, always dreaming up her next chaotic couple.

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