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Chlorine & Chaos by Jessalyn Jameson is FREE


Former rebel-punk foster child. Has-been golden boy swim champ. Second chance at the love of a lifetime, or all-consuming mistake?

Drowning in guilt, Sage Shepard and Brandon Tiggs have spent the last seven years blaming themselves for their post-graduation break-up. Brand numbs the pain by sleepwalking through his monotonous existence. Sage seeks solace in random strangers—names optional.

When Sage returns to the town she left years ago, she unknowingly walks right back into Brand’s life. Mid-divorce, Brand sees Sage’s return as the opportunity of a lifetime. But Sage doesn’t believe in second chances, and still hasn’t forgiven herself for the mistakes she made in the most important relationship of her existence.

Their all-consuming love reignites, and as passion threatens to undo them, it’s all either can do to stay afloat. Some mistakes refuse to stay in the past.

Sometimes ‘wrong’ is the best kind of right.

CHLORINE & CHAOS is the first book of the Flawed Heroes series.

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