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Excerpt from Corrupt Love by Cee Perkins

We're back with an excerpt from Corrupt Love by Cee Perkins! Corrupt Love is the first book in the Love is Dangerous series. You can check it out below!

I shook my head. “Normally I’m not interested in someone beyond one night.” Wow that made me sound awful. Also made me kind of a liar since meeting him. “You’re actually the first man I’ve had to work for, and the first man to make me think the work is worth it.” And that was the damn truth of the matter. The whole crux of my situation, right? Dan didn’t fit my normal, made me want to pursue him. He was definitely the first to make me think that way.

“Are you serious?” I looked at Dan and realized he wasn’t being rude or accusing. It was genuine disbelief. “Me? You see me, right? My baggage not only has compartments, but also its own separate cargo ship,” he said, then clapped his hands over his mouth like he couldn’t believe he’d said that.

“Dan… yes, I’m serious. And yes, I do see you, and I know you have issues. But,” I paused so I could say this carefully, “Everyone has something about them that makes them unique, even hard to deal with sometimes. Shit, even my siblings find me hard to deal with sometimes. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I can be kind of an asshole. It’s what gives us personality. And maybe I’m crazy, but my personality thinks your personality is the bee’s knees.” God I could be such a sap.

Dan chuckled, a slight blush across his cheeks. “Well… my personality is starting to think that your personality is the cat’s pajamas.”

So corny. So cute.

We both knew the date was winding down, so we started sipping our drinks slowly. I didn’t want to leave. I really did like Dan, as a human, not just a dick attached to a virginal body anymore. Ugh, the man had exclusive reservations for one at my pussy table and now I was suddenly deciding that maybe I wanted to date him. Sex had never been made second in my priority list when it came to men, nor had it ever been exclusive to one man.

And yet.

I couldn’t muster up the desire to find a one-nighter, despite the fact that I was so horny a sideways wind would make me come. And I knew for Dan to be ready to touch me, he needed to be comfortable with me. He’s not ready yet. And for once in my god damned life, I wanted to be patient. For him.

I looked up from my drink swirling to find Dan’s eyes on me. He was looking at me like… like he was willing to take a chance. He was looking at me like he wanted me. Was it suddenly hot in there?

He cleared his throat, licked his lips- God, Karma, why are you trying to be funny now- and said, “Corra-”

“Y’all guys ready for your tab? I’ll just leave it right here and pick it up whenever you’re ready,” the waitress with the worst timing ever said. I’d never wanted to kill someone so badly and I wasn’t even being offered any money. I glared up at her and said, “ Fuck off, lady.”

Dan stared at me for a minute and then pulled out his wallet before I grabbed the little book with the ticket inside. “Nope. I asked you out, I pay. You ask me out next time, k?” I asked, sending him my best smile.

He looked like he was going to argue, but instead chuckled at the last minute. “OK, Corra, would you like to go out with me Tuesday night? There’s this one thing I do every month, and Tuesday is the day.”

I slipped my card in the book and held it up for the waitress, who reluctantly walked over and cautiously took the book. “I’d really like that. What are we going to do?”

This time, Dan sent me his best smile. “It’s a surprise,” he said, “but you don’t have to dress up or anything.”

Hm. “Ok, I’ll let you keep your secrets.”

We stood and started to walk out, and Dan did that thing men do when they like the woman they’re with- he placed his hand on the small of my back. When we cleared the doors, he stepped up beside me and offered me his arm. Such a gentleman. I wondered how well I could play the part of a lady?

Corrupt Love: Love Is Dangerous Book 1

I wanted to ruin him.

I was the best hitwoman on the East Coast, bar none. Love was never on my list, especially not with uptight, rigid Dan- until I decided to wrinkle his perfectly creased khakis. But for the first time, I’d underestimated my opponent.

She would lay waste to my entire world.

I never wanted what my parents had. I didn’t need that codependency, didn’t want to give someone the power to take my security. But meeting Corra would change the way I saw myself and the world around me. I didn’t want to like her, but the thing about Corra was that when she found something to sink her teeth into, she’d stop at nothing until it was corrupted, and I was no different.

She’d shake up my world.

But I’d anchor hers.

Runs on coffee and imaginary donuts. Wishes cupcakes didn't reflect in the mirror and that hair would brush itself.

Made the cutest kids ever, married to the best husband (probably a bit biased here).

Writes love stories that don't have bodice-ripping or historical damsels trying to save their virtue (actually, her damsels rarely even have virtue).

Reads nearly all the things.

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