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Excerpt from Shattered by D.A. Charles

On Monday, we shared the interview with D.A. Charles. Now we have an excerpt from her debut novel, Shattered! Check it out below.

They set up the new shelf stereo first; breaking it in with Metallica's Black Album -- to be sure it worked. Posters of Metallica's former bassist, Cliff Burton and the band's promo for Sad But True took a place of pride over the stereo and Steven's generous CD collection filled a shelf just within his reach on the wall. Steven looked up at them longingly. "That's something I'm really gonna miss. We've gone to some great concerts together."

Maddie nudged his shoulder with her elbow, teasingly. "You breaking up with me or something?"

"I couldn't ask you to do something like that. Not now."

Maddie grabbed his biceps and squatted in front of him, never breaking eye contact. "I understand that your world has been turned upside down, and you're trying to adapt to all sorts of new things, but I don't ever want to you hear you say something like that again. Besides do you really think Quinn is going to want to go to see Green Day or Nirvana?"

"I just didn't think you'd want to..." his voice trailed off as he thought about the many liberties he'd lost as a result of the accident.

"Look, I'm sure throughout your lifetime you're going to encounter ignorant people who are going to make you feel like your disability is something to be ashamed of or that it's too much trouble to include you. This chair?" She said, pointing at the chrome and plastic contraption he sat in. "It doesn't change anything. You are the same guy you've always been and I have no intention of abandoning our friendship just because you aren't walking."

"Won't it be too much like work?"

She put her hands on her hips and attempted to scowl. "I've never taken a patient to a rock concert, and your life may be different, but I promise you it will get easier."

A journey where even the smallest things in life cannot be taken for granted.

Eighteenth birthdays only occur once in one’s lifetime. They are supposed to be life changing— fate had a grim sense of humor when she attended Steven Maxwell’s Party.

Irrevocably shattered when a devastating accident changes every aspect of his family dynamic, Steven Maxwell must salvage what’s left of his life; fitting the pieces into a puzzle that not only leads him through recovery, but to discovery, as well.


Abigail Harris has her life all planned out in perfect compartments. Her job. Her family. Her social life. Abby doesn’t have room in her life for the unexpected. She doesn’t have room in her apartment either— especially when not one, but both of her long-divorced parents end up on her threshold within hours of each other.

Enter Abby’s Christmas Eve nightmare, turned medical mystery— the young educator is shattered when her health takes an unexpected detour.

Cue providence stepping in and sending an ambassador with a disability who welcomes Abby into his world and shows her— a life with physical limitations is still a life with quality.

Shattered is not broken.

Raised by a parent with a disability, author, D. A. Charles grew up in the disability population. For more than thirty years she has been involved in disability rights advocacy and identifies as an individual with a disability, herself. With the aim of furthering disability awareness, she writes about individuals with disabilities with respect and realism, portraying dynamic and realistic characters complete with flaws and vulnerabilities, each navigating to fulfill their dreams and desires.

I can be found hanging out in the following places:

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