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Fight for You is on sale!

You can now grab a copy of Fight for You for .99c on Amazon. This powerful romantic suspense has an average rating of 4.9 on Amazon, with reviewers raving about Cade and January's emotionally gripping story!


Some things are worth fighting for. Some people are worth dying for. For him, January James is both.

Ten years ago, former gang leader turned DEA agent Michael "Cade" Kincaid lost everything that mattered to him in one devastating moment. With his life in tatters, he fled Los Angeles, leaving behind the only girl he's ever loved. Now an enemy from his past has it out for January, and it's up to Michael to save her life.

"Just breathe" reads his tattoo. But how do you breathe when you feel like dying?

January James swore she would never forgive Michael Kincaid for what happened ten years ago, but now he's the only thing standing between her and the dangerous man who wants the neighborhood she vowed to defend. With Michael in her personal space at every turn, keeping her defenses in place isn't so easy. He might not be the same boy he was then, but he still has the power to destroy her.

"Stay strong" reads her tattoo. But how do you stay strong when you feel like breaking?

Reunited by danger, bound together by feelings that just won't die, and desperate for forgiveness they don't believe they deserve, Michael and January will risk their lives to break free of the past. To build a future, they'll both risk the only things that really matters: their hearts.

Fight for You is an emotional brother's best friend, second chance romance. It is the first book in a series of interconnected full-length standalone novels featuring alpha male cops and the women who love them. Each book has no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

Reviewers are saying

"FANTASTIC! This was a really good book!! It captures you from the start and never lets you down." ★★★★★ Amazon Reviewer

"I cried, I laughed, and I loved with the characters! Romance and tragedy, Oh. My. Gosh!" Mary - ★★★★★ Goodreads Review

"The way this book made me feel is indescribable. I felt like I was watching this whole book play out on a movie. I could not put it down." Grace - ★★★★★ Bookbub Review

"This book is hot, emotional, interesting, sweet, and intense and I wholeheartedly recommend it." ★★★★★ Amazon Reviewer


"What's up, Sasquatch?" I ask Roman Gregory, the ATF agent who helped bring Little Mama home safe. Mostly safe, I amend, thinking about the bruises all over her face. I really can't fucking wait to find Remi Pledger, the dirty DEA agent who kidnapped her. I'm going to kill him. Or Roman will. Either way, he's going to die for putting his hands on Lillian.

If Kaleo doesn't watch himself, he's going to die too.

"Lillian was discharged about an hour ago," Roman says, ignoring my nickname for him. It's fitting though. He's a big son of a bitch, and that's saying something because I'm not exactly a little dude myself. He's about six-seven and built like a brick shithouse. He's also one of very few federal agents who can match me when it comes to taking down gangs. He's been snatching guns out of their hands for so long, it's honestly a little impressive.

"Good. Any news on when T will get to take her back to Seattle?" I ask, grinning when the blinds in Kaleo's living room window twitch. He knows I'm out here and he's getting curious. Good. This won't take much longer.

"Not yet. Where are you? I may have a lead on Pledger."

"I'm out scaring the neighborhood children. What kind of lead?"

"That kind that had Nazario Leyva personally calling me," Roman says, knowing as well as I do that Naz has about as much use for cops as any other gangbanger in this city. "Kaleo not cooperating with you?"

"Kaleo's too stupid to know how to spell cooperating," I snort as the man himself steps out onto his front porch. "Give me thirty minutes to finish up here and I'll be there," I tell Roman as Kaleo starts toward me. I disconnect the phone, dropping it into my lap.

Kaleo hasn't changed much. He's older, harder, but he's still the same jackass who thought he could manipulate me into pledging my allegiance to him. His hair is still in dreads. The scar on his face makes him appear permanently annoyed. His nose is crooked from where I broke it years ago, but it looks like he got his front tooth fixed. He's dressed in designer digs from head-to-toe, but he still looks like the piece of shit he is.

What's that saying? You can take the boy out of the hood, but can't take the hood out of the boy? He's still nothing but a gangbanger with money to burn.

Guess that makes two of us.

"Kincaid," he says, grinning when he steps up beside my car. Despite the fake smile plastered across his face, the angry glint in his eyes makes it clear he's not happy to see me. He crosses his arms over his chest and leans up against my car. "I thought they were joking when they said you were back in town, but here you are."

"Here I am," I agree.

"Any particular reason you're parked outside my crib, flashing that shiny badge around?" he asks when I don't immediately tell him why I'm here. He's so easy to antagonize, it's almost pathetic.

"Got bored beating on little boys sent by men who don't know the definition of the word," I say with a shrug.

His fake smile slips, giving him away.

Yeah, motherfucker, I know what you've been up to lately.

"Seems to me that one of us isn't upholding his end of our bargain," I growl, done playing games with him, "and it isn't me. So, you wanna tell me why the fuck you're sending your boys into my neighborhood to harass my girl?"

"It's not yours, Kincaid. Neither is she. Not anymore. The block is hers," he reminds me. "And she's standing between me and what I want."

"And what is it you want?"

"The park. It's prime real estate these days and I've decided to claim it."

Why am I not surprised? A new housing development went in a couple of blocks over. There's a whole new crop of kids for Kaleo to manipulate into doing his dirty work now visiting that park on the daily. Of course he wants a piece of it.

Too bad for him because it's not his for the taking.

"I know you're not very bright, so I'm going to speak little words real slow for you just this once, Kaleo," I tell him. "January is mine. 138th Street is mine. The park is mine. Step to her again and I will burn your shit to the ground."

"You've changed," he says after a minute, his curious gaze roving all over my face.

"And you're still the same sorry piece of shit you've always been."

"Maybe." He shrugs. "But I know all your dirty secrets, Kincaid. Think they'll let you keep that shiny little badge if they knew what I do?"

"I know all yours too," I remind him, counting to five real slow in my head to keep myself from reaching through the window to choke the life out of him. That he thinks I'm afraid of him is laughable, but the fact that he's still trying to manipulate me into doing what he wants pisses me off.

"Yeah, about that," he says, his eyes lighting up like the Vegas strip after sunset. "Did you know there's a statute of limitations on some crimes? Like mine, for instance. I can't be prosecuted, but as it turns out, there is no such rule when it comes to murder, Kincaid." He grins, showing me those pearly whites of his, and then he taps a hand on the roof of my rental. "Tell January she's welcome to stay on my block, but that it is my block now. If she continues to fight me, she'll learn the hard way."

New plan. I'm going to burn his shit to the ground while he watches…and then I'm going to kill him. Just as soon as I convince January to go somewhere else for a little while.


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