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Meet the Cast of The Ragnarok Prophesies

Since FALL is releasing soon, I thought now would be a great time to introduce you guys to the cast (or reacquaint you, for those who already know and love the series).

The Ragnarok Prophesies contains a rather large group that makes up Team Apocalypse, those charged with stopping Ragnarok. I'll introduce you to the key members of the team, as well as the key members of Team Evil.

Arionna Jacobs "Freki"

Ari is our reluctant heroine in this series. She's nineteen, grieving for her mom, and trying like hell to figure out this new, scary world she's been thrust into. She's petite, pretty, and can be fierce when it comes to protecting the people she loves. She's also pale, too thin, and fighting like hell to save Dace.

Dace Matthews "Geri"

If Ari is a reluctant heroine, Dace is an even more reluctant hero. He's twenty-one and is the most powerful shapeshifter left on Earth. His life has not been easy and that pain has forged him into an uncompromising alpha who will do whatever it takes to save Ari. He's sweet, caring, and a little bit obsessive. He can also be autocratic and sexy as hell. He is incredibly intelligent.

Ronan LaCrosse "Munin"

Ronan, the raven in this tale, is dark, brooding, and capable of great cruelty. Everyone always assumes he's ugly, but he's not. If anything, he's too handsome...his features too perfect. He gives nothing away. He's grieving for the girl he loved and is determined to protect her sisters. He and Dace do not get along. But underneath all of that... Ronan is actually not a bad guy. He's just doing the best he can to ensure they win the war.

Chelle Michaelson

Chelle Michaelson is Ari's best friend in her new town. Chelle is the heart of their group. She's the voice of reason when it's needed, the sympathetic ear...and one of four people prophesied to die. Chelle is gentle and caring, but don't mistake her for weak. She has a backbone and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Chelle is an identical triplet. Her sisters are Dani and Beth.

Gage Carter

Gage is one of the Nephilim left on earth. He's a powerful force for good, and is Chelle's greatest protector. He's gentle, compassionate...and a warrior. He blazes bright as the sun and will move Heaven and Earth to help ensure Team Apocalypse wins the war. Like Chelle, he's a voice of reason.

Mandy Chapman

Mandy is best friends with the Michaelson sisters. She's petite and very outgoing. She's a nursing student, a former cheerleader, and has a big personality. She's also more important than anyone expects.

Alex Jacobs

Alex is Ari's father and an important part of Team Apocalypse. He's a mythology professor who knows a ton about myths and legends around the world. He's also one of few humans that Dace trusts with his secrets. Alex considers Dace a son of sorts and is accepting of his relationship with Ari. He's very much involved in the planning and is well-liked by everyone on the team.

The Wolves

Team Apocalypse also contains a pack of gray wolves who fight beside them.

Kalei - Alpha

Buka - Beta (and Ari's friend/pack mother)

Fuki - Buka's pup

Seff, Rafe, Chiran, Aki, Lykaois, Akila, Tikani, Honi - the rest of the pack

The Shifters

Geri - The wolf that resides within Dace.

Freki - The wolf imprisoned in Arionna.

Munin - The raven of memory. Ronan's other half.

Dace's Shifters - There is also a group of shapeshifters who answer to Dace. They are also part of #TeamApocalypse.

Skoll & Hati - The leaders of Team Evil. They are twin wolves pitted against Team

Apocalypse in the battle to end all battles. These two can shapeshift into human form, and may be able to take additional forms, which has not yet been confirmed. Their human identities are revealed in FLAME.

Also on Team Evil are the Jotunn shifters who work in secret, as well as various humans who have been blackmailed or coerced into helping, as well as those who willingly sided with Skoll & Hati.

If you think Team Evil is outnumbered, you would be wrong. Team Evil is incredibly powerful, especially considering that it's lead by a duo of demi-Gods (and may include other Norse Gods/Goddesses).

Now that you know who is who, dive into FADE before FALL releases on June 24th!

FADE is available at most major retailers.

Pre-Order FALL for .99c on Amazon at

Pre-Order at other retailers:

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