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Mister Gregory is Here!

Guess who's back?!

That's right! Roman is back in a brand new series of outtakes available right here. You can check it out and snag your copy of Mister Gregory below.

Mister Gregory


Federal Agent.



Roman Gregory has been called a lot of things in his life, but daddy might just be his favorite title.

He thought his life was full when he went to work for the ATF...and then he met the daughter kept hidden from him for thirteen years. Everything changed for Roman that day. And it's been changing ever since. Father to the world's most adored little girls and husband to the world's hottest curvy woman, Roman has his hands full. But no one makes daddy look as good as this giant ATF agent. And there is nothing this giant man won't do for his girls.

Follow along as he learns about Talia, meets Mila, and becomes a daddy to Stella and her baby sisters in this exclusive series of Father's Day outtakes. Mister Gregory includes approximately 80 pages of never-before-seen outtakes.

I cock a brow at Mila, silently asking her what our four-year-old daughter did to earn her wrath.

"My wedding ring is missing," Mila says, pushing her wild hair out of her face. "And the stepstool is pulled up against the dresser."


"I needed it, Daddy!" she cries, burying her little face in my legs. She still thinks if I can't see her, I can't be mad at her. It's cute as hell, but also inconvenient because it's damn hard to get onto her when she's so fucking adorable. I hate getting onto her.

"Why did you need my ring?" Mila demands.

Stella has been obsessed with it since Mila had to take it off because her fingers are swelling. She's been told a thousand times to leave it alone before she loses it, but she keeps sneaking in there to look at it anyway. I don't know why she loves it so much.

"A'cause," Stella sniffles, but doesn't say anything further.

I fish her out from behind my legs, swinging her up into my arms.

"What did mommy and daddy say about playing with mommy's ring, Stella?" I ask her.

She buries her face in my shoulder.


"You said not to do it," she says, her little voice trembling. "But I needed it, Daddy!"

"Why did you need it, Stella baby?" I ask, refusing to let her off the hook that easily.

"So me and Andrés could get mawwied."

My lips pull down into a frown, a bolt of…something going through me. My four-year-old is not fucking getting married to Andrés. I don't care if he is still a baby himself. I will kick his ass for flirting with my baby girl.

Mila takes one look at my face and bites her lip, suddenly more amused than angry.

"You're gwoling, Daddy," Stella whispers.

"Stella…" I stop talking and exhale a sharp breath, trying like hell not to flip out about this. It's hard though. Stella is my baby. And she's way too goddamn young to be thinking about boys, let alone about marrying them. I'm kicking Carter's ass if he doesn't keep his son away from my girl. "You can't get married."

"Yes, I can!"

I tip my head back, swallowing the curse on the tip of my tongue.

Stella is an angel just like her mommy. And just like her mommy, nothing pisses her off more than being told she can't have something she wants. Her little jaw is set, her eyes flashing fire at me. She looks exactly like Mila when Mila gets riled up about something.

"Stella baby," Mila says, taking pity on me. Though I can tell by the gleam in her eyes that she thinks this shit is funny. She loves fucking with me now as much as ever. I'll be spanking her ass for that later. But she takes mercy on me for now. "Did you give Andrés my ring?"

"No." Stella looks at her like she's crazy. "I gabe it to TJ a'cause he keeps the ring until we get mawwied tomorrow, mommy."

Want more Roman? Grab the Her Best Friend's Father Box Set to read the entire series from the beginning!

He's an ATF agent in hiding. She's his daughter's twenty-two-year-old best friend. When they find themselves living together in Santa Cruz, they'll break every rule in the book for a chance at love.

With a violent gang gunning for Roman Gregory and a cartel threatening to go to war, the last thing the ATF agent should be thinking about is claiming Mila Lawson, his daughter's best friend. But after four long years of dreaming about the curvy little blonde, once Roman has her, he's not willing to give her up without a fight. 

For Mila, falling for Roman might just be the most terrifying thing she's ever done. With a nasty breakup still hanging over her head, she knows all too well that the scary hot man who drives her wild has the power to destroy her. And being with her just might destroy his relationship with his daughter.

But who ever said falling in love would be easy? 

When Roman's worst fear becomes a reality and Mila is targeted by a cartel, more than just their hearts are on the line. To save Mila's life and guarantee a future with her, Roman will go far beyond simply breaking the rules. He'll rewrite the rule book entirely.

And when a devastating betrayal threatens their future, Mila will do whatever it takes to defend him. Even if she has to take on the enemy by herself.

Her Best Friend's Father: The Complete Saga Box Set includes all four books in the high heat romantic suspense series, as well as the bonus content found in Deny Me.

If you enjoy protective cops, secret babies, sassy heroines, and gripping suspense, you will love Roman and Mila's thrilling story.

Grab a copy today to find out why readers everywhere are falling in love with this giant ATF agent and his curvy bombshell!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon Worldwide:

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