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My 2020 Goals

At the beginning of each year, I set goals for myself for the year. They include everything from my writing life to my personal life. I strive to ensure I reach each one throughout the year and do "Goal Check-Ins" to see how it's going, revise plans, and continue moving forward. Here are my goals for this year!


Write and Publish Kill for You, Bleed for You, and Die for You - These are the next three books in the A Warrior for Her series. Kill for You is in editing. Bleed for You is in development. Die for You has not been started.

Republish FALL & FLAME - The next two books in the Ragnarok Prophesies series. Both are complete. I'm going through them now to fix minor issues (like passive voice...URGH!). I hope to see them both back out in the world this year.

Finish FEAR - The fourth book the Ragnarok Prophesies series. I really, really want to finish this one this year!

Start INFLICTED - The second book in the War Scrolls series. I'd love to get it written this year.


Master AMS Ads - I've taken courses on AMS Ads, but I still haven't mastered them yet. I really need to work on this because I'm definitely not utilizing the service in the most beneficial manner.

Take a Writing Masterclass - I really want to dive into a Masterclass this year to learn new skills and techniques.

Share What I Know - I have a lot of knowledge on writing and publishing that's just kind of sitting there, trickling out in tiny pieces when someone asks for help. I'd love to put it all together this year and make it available for anyone who needs the help. I'd also like to start getting paid for all the free editing and proofreading I do for everyone.


Grow My Reader Group - I don't spend nearly enough time with my reader group. I need to engage more and really grow it into a community of readers by interacting, posting giveaways, sharing more, and offering little glimpses into my life.

Cross-Promote with Other Authors - I don't do this nearly enough. I'd like to do a lot more of it in 2020 through newsletter swaps, blog hops, etc. I used to have so much fun with this. To get started, I've started an Author Interview series here on the blog to introduce readers and fans to fellow authors and their books.

Be More Social - I'm not a very social person. I spend 12 hours a day in a closet with 4 other people and talking nonstop to the general public, LEOs and firefighters. When I'm off, I don't want to deal with other people or their problems. But I need to start engaging with other people more, especially in the book world. I'm kind of isolated, which is entirely my fault.


Lose 50lbs. Again - I did this in 2018...and then 2019 happened. I worked 60 hour weeks for the first half of the year, and then had trainee after trainee in the second half. My diet was complete garbage and I gained back everything I'd lost. It's time to dive back in and get it gone for good!

Start Making Better Food Choices - See above. My diet is crap right now. I need to fix it again.

Tackle My Closet - I loathe laundry. So most of my stuff is still in baskets or boxes from when we moved almost 2 years ago. It's time to suck it up, go through it, decide what stays and what goes, and get it all organized in the closet. Not looking forward to this at all!


Read 100 Books - I try to read 100 a year. Last year, I surpassed my goal. I'd like to do the same this year. I'd also like to add more fantasy and paranormal stuff to the list and break out old favorites to reread.

Spend More Time with Friends and Family - Last year, I worked a LOT of overtime to get us through some really rough periods at work. It went largely unappreciated. This year, I'm dialing it back and spending more time with the people who matter, doing the things that are important to me.

Travel at least Twice this year - SS & I used to go places regularly, but we haven't really done much since I became a supervisor at work. I want to change that this year and spend more time out exploring the world with my love.

I'll add goals as others are met, and revise those that need it as I go. But I'm excited about tackling all of these this year! What are YOUR goals for the year?

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