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Teaser Tuesday: Desire Me #2

For NaNoWriMo, I've been working to finish up Desire Me. I'm 99.99% of the way there! So why not share a celebratory teaser?!

"Having Luke staying here will make me feel a helluva lot better."

"Okay," I say.

"Yeah?" He cocks a brow at me like he's surprised I'm agreeing.

"Yeah," I say with a shrug. "I like Luke."

Roman narrows his eyes on me.

"Not like that. Jeez," I huff, rolling my eyes at him. "Do you have a setting other than caveman?"

"Apparently not when it comes to you," he mutters.

I snort a soft laugh.

"I was never jealous until you," he says, rinsing the second round of soap off. I lick my lips, watching it slide down the ridges of his abdomen. "No one else ever mattered before you. But you? The thought of some other guy even looking at you like I do pisses me off. I think I'd straight up murder someone if they tried to touch you."

"I feel the same way about you," I tell him, wrapping my arms and legs around his waist when he picks me up again. He turns me until the water is beating down on my back, which pulls a moan of ecstasy from my lips. I swear, there's nothing better than a hot shower with my even hotter man.

"Baby," he says on a deep chuckle that hits me low in my stomach, "you don't even have to worry about someone trying to touch me. I'd never let that bullshit happen. The only hands I want on me are yours."

"Same here," I breathe, sliding my hands up into his hair and pulling his head to mine for a deep kiss.

"None of that," he growls when I moan and wriggle, trying to find a little friction. "You need sleep."

"I'm not sleepy," I whine, rubbing up against him.

"Liar." His lips quirk up into a smile.

"I like you way better when you're giving me what I want," I pout.

"I've been giving you my cock every day since I brought you home," he says with another chuckle.

"Then why stop a good thing?" I ask, leaning forward to bite his neck. "I sleep better after you make me come, anyway, Mr. Gregory."

He growls softly and then grinds me down on his cock before smacking my ass. "I'm trying to clean you up."

"I like it better when you get me dirty," I retort, grinding against his cock and moaning loudly.

"Fuck," he mutters before spinning and putting my back against the wall of the shower. He glares down at me, but I know he's not really mad. His eyes are wild with desire and a little hint of humor. "You're a pain in my ass, baby."

"That's why you love me."

You can pre-order Desire Me on Amazon!

About the Series:

Two weeks. No strings. No commitments.

Those are the terms Mila Lawson offers Roman Gregory when they find themselves living together in Santa Cruz.

With a violent gang gunning for him and a cartel threatening to go to war, the last thing the ATF agent should be thinking about is claiming his daughter's twenty-two-year-old best friend. But after four long years of lusting after the gorgeous little blonde from afar, once Roman has her, he's not willing to give her up. 

She may be off-limits, but something about Mila drives him wild. There's nothing sweet about the things he wants to do to her, and nothing gentle about the way he takes her. She makes him crave a future he never envisioned for himself…one so much better than he ever dreamed was possible.

To keep her, he'll be forced to face the daughter he adores. To save her, he'll break every rule in the book.

Nothing will stand in his way. Not his daughter. Not the gang hunting him. Not even the law itself.

New to Roman and Mila's steamy story? The first three parts are now available and FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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