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The Inspiration Behind "Fight for You"

Updated: May 14, 2020

Picture it... Sicily, 1922.

Just kidding. Fight for You didn't start out nearly as auspicious as Sophia's most memorable line from the Golden Girls. It actually started with a boy and a girl...and a book.

I started writing about Kincaid a little over nine years ago when he appeared in the Teplo Trilogy. His backstory was as sweet as it was tragic. He and January meet when they're both really young. They fall in love over the span of their teen years before a horrific tragedy tears them apart. They both lose themselves a little bit after that. Neither deals well with the tragedy and neither really moves on from it.

As little kids, they bonded over their love of books. Cade would spend hours reading to January. Even though she knew every word to The Monster at the End of This Book, she liked it better when he would read it to her. So he would. Their relationship started there...and neither of them ever forgot that book or how much it meant to them.

The graffiti wall in the first cover for Fight for You is a nod to the brick wall on the cover of The Monster at the End of This Book.

When working undercover, Cade has his Criminal Informants call him Grover. He also believes he's the monster other monsters are afraid of facing. And January is so afraid of facing the future that she remains stuck in place, holding on with everything she has.

They're both a lot like Grover in The Monster at the End of This Book...trying like hell to keep from facing what comes next because they're both terrified of what's waiting for them. But, like Grover, by the time they make it to the end of their own story, they both realize that the thing they've been so afraid of facing for so long is themselves.

In order to finally move forward, they both have to take their own painful journey and face a lot of fears...just like Grover did in the book that bonded them as children.

You can watch an animated version of The Monster at the End of This Book below. It's worth the seven minutes. Promise. :)

About Fight for You

When a dangerous enemy from the past emerges, a DEA agent and an inner-city teacher will be forced to confront the deadly secrets and horrific tragedy that tore them apart. Can they survive the devastating truth and find their way back to one another, or will the past destroy them one final time?

Ten years ago, a horrific tragedy tore childhood sweethearts Michael "Cade" Kincaid and January James apart, leaving them battered, bruised, and broken. Now a dangerous enemy has it out for January and it's up to Cade to protect her.

To do it, he will have to face the painful secrets threatening to shatter them both.

January swore she would never forgive the beautiful boy who destroyed her. But Cade isn't the same person he was back then, and she's never been good at telling him no. Keeping her defenses in place is no easy feat when he's the only thing she's ever wanted.

To find her way back to him, she'll be forced to contend with the hidden guilt that broke them.

Reunited by danger, bound together by feelings that just won't die, and desperate for forgiveness they don't believe they deserve, Cade and January will risk their lives to break free of the past. To build a future, they'll both risk the only things that really matter: their hearts.

Fight for You is an emotionally gripping second chance romantic suspense novel. It can be read as a standalone. Set amidst the backdrop of a bloody cartel war, the Warrior series follows a group of law enforcement officers willing to do whatever it takes to pull the city of Los Angeles back from the brink and protect the courageous women caught in the crosshairs. 

Reviewers are saying

"I cried, I laughed, and I loved with the characters! Romance and tragedy, Oh. My. Gosh!" Mary - ★★★★★ Goodreads Review

"FANTASTIC! This was a really good book!! It captures you from the start and never lets you down." ★★★★★ Amazon Reviewer

"The way this book made me feel is indescribable. I felt like I was watching this whole book play out on a movie. I could not put it down." Grace - ★★★★★ Bookbub Review

"This book is hot, emotional, interesting, sweet, and intense and I wholeheartedly recommend it." ★★★★★ Amazon Reviewer

Fight for You is available in Kindle Unlimited at:

Read the first three chapters for free:

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You know how much I love Cade and January, I think they are the best ever, but now you’ve gone and given me a book written by someone other than Dr Suess to read to my nephews!! Thanks!! You rock above all else!

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