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The Teplo Trilogy is on Sale!

The Teplo Trilogy recently left Kindle Unlimited to go wide! You can now get the entire series at your favorite retailer. Even better, Ravished is now FREE on Apple, and the entire series in on sale for .99c on Amazon through Valentine's Day!

"Hot. Descriptive. Intense. Brilliant. Panty-drenching, page-turning, give-me more-now, good." - Melanie Moreland, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author


When Tristan Riley drags Lillian Maddox onto the dance floor at Teplo, he intends only to protect his cover… at least that's what he tells himself. But the lovely Lillian would tempt a saint, and Tristan is far from a gentleman. Beneath the bright lights of the Vetrov family's dangerous club, the weary DEA agent finds himself captivated by the ballerina, coaxing them both into a reckless, erotic encounter.

But Tristan isn't prepared for the intense connection between him and Lillian, or for the fallout of their tryst. In a matter of days, their lives careen wildly off course, catapulting them both into a deadly game of hide and seek with the Vetrov family and one of Mexico's deadliest drug cartels.

Trying to keep his hands to himself while working alongside Lillian to stop Anton Vetrov's deadly new drug proves almost impossible for Tristan, but what choice does he have when being with her might get her killed? He should know: his entire family was murdered by people just like Anton.

When the stakes are raised and innocent lives are lost, will Tristan be able to let go of the guilt, or will he destroy his chance at happiness with Lillian before it ever truly begins?

Get the Series from your favorite retailer!

Jason had told her that he'd used her?

"Don't you dare look at me like that," Lillian seethed, swiping at her dry eyes again. "You used me to save your own ass, and I was naïve enough to let it happen." She stopped, her shoulders slumping as if she'd run out of steam. When she met his gaze this time, the sadness and doubt in her gaze wrecked him. "Tell me one thing. Why did you pick me? Out of everyone there…was I really the one who looked the most desperate and pathetic?"

Her sad question hit him like a bullet to his gut. Eight days of guilt and resentment boiled, flashed to steam, and then erupted outward, leaving fury in its place. Fury at Jason for allowing her to believe that he'd used her, at himself for letting Jason convince him to stay away, and fury at her for believing for a second that she looked anything like the women prostituting themselves at Teplo.

Fuck that.

"You think I used you?" he demanded, pacing toward her. If she wanted to believe he didn't care about her safety, fine. But he'd be damned if he let her believe he'd used her because she looked easy.

She backed away from him, but he was implacable.

"You think I wanted convenient or desperate? A quick fuck?"

"I know you did," she said, her chin coming up and a haughty gleam entering her eyes. She continued to back away from him, one careful step at a time.

"You know nothing!" He smiled a feral, wicked smile and kept stalking toward her. Even when her back thumped into the pale wall across the foyer, he didn't stop. He advanced until he was toe-to-toe with her, and her eyes were inches from his.

Her breasts grazed across his chest with every sharp exhalation of breath from her lungs. The electric hunger between them snapped and sizzled, the edges tinged an angry red. His hands came up and landed on the wall on either side of her head, trapping her beneath him.

"Let me go," she demanded, her eyes wide and her face flushed. She stood still, not even attempting to push him away. It wasn't fear that kept her there though, not of him anyway. It was fear of herself and of what she might do if she touched him.

Even if she hated him, she still wanted him. He saw that truth in her eyes, too.

A satisfied smile spread across his face.

"I may have approached you as a cover, Lillian, but that ended before I ever touched you. I buried my fingers in your body until you came because I wanted you. I dragged you to the lounge and fucked you with my tongue until you screamed because I couldn't stop thinking about you. I wanted you."

She gasped at his low, fervent words, trembled, and then clenched her jaw. Desire flared brighter in her gaze. She balled her fists, seemingly fighting for the ability to keep her hands to herself.

"Even when I thought you worked with the Vetrov family, I wanted you. Even now that you fucking hate me, I still want you." He pressed himself into her, making her feel the truth of that statement as his erection pressed into her stomach. He dropped his head, placed his lips to the shell of her ear, and nipped at her skin. "I want to be inside of you so goddamned bad it's driving me out of my mind, beautiful."

Lillian swallowed hard and shivered, a breathless groan escaping her lips.

He hummed at her involuntary, telling reaction, and put his mouth to her skin again, unable to resist.

Jesus, he wanted her. Here. Now. Against the wall with her legs around his waist and her nails digging into his back. Wanted her until neither of them could move, let alone remember why she hated him.

"Go to hell," she whispered. Her words shook, but were no less desperate for it.

"You want me," he said, shifting his hips into her one more time. "You want me right here and now, don't you, baby?"

"No," she lied as he dragged his lips down her throat.

"You do." He ran his tongue across her skin, working his way closer to her collarbone.

"I can't stand you." She tilted her head, granting him access.

He ached to take her wordless invitation, but he couldn't. Not like this.

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