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Trust can be deadly...

But this isn't one of them. Right before I took a two year hiatus from writing, I released what is, quite possibly, one of my favorite books. It's a steamy romantic mystery, full of intrigue, funny moments, and one hell of a man. The book didn't get nearly the time or attention it deserved because I was burned out and disillusioned after certain painful events with my previous publisher.

Exactly four years to the date it released, I've decided it's time to change that and give this book the time and attention it deserved back then.

ALL OVER YOU has been reworked, re-edited, re-covered, and today... RE-RELEASED! And let me just tell you, this cover is probably my favorite of all time. It is fucking GORGEOUS!

Are you ready for it?!

Trust can be deadly...

When Ivy Kendall left behind the glitz and glamour of her modeling career for life as a teacher, she never imagined the nightmare waiting for her. A college student is missing, and thanks to a stolen identity…she's the primary suspect. Now she and a homicide detective are in a race against the clock to prove her innocence and find the person responsible.

All evidence points to someone close to her.

Forced to dive headfirst into the mystery to clear her name, the last thing Ivy should be thinking about is falling for Cameron Lewis, the relentless detective tasked with finding out the truth. But he makes her feel like no one ever has before.

Lucky for her, Cam is willing to break more than a few rules to help her uncover the grisly truth.

All he wants in return is her heart.

As the evidence against her piles up and the intense attraction between her and Cam deepens, Ivy wants nothing more than to lean on the tattooed detective. He already has her body. Now she has to find the courage to trust him with her freedom…and her heart.

Can she and Cam unravel the mystery before it's too late, or will the dangerous criminal lurking in the shadows take more than just one life?

For the next week ONLY, you can get All Over You in all its new glory for .99c on Amazon. The book is also available in Kindle Unlimited. AND you can get the paperback for 8.99. While it's a sister novel to the All Falls Down duo, All Over You is a complete standalone.

Get All Over You for .99c


Once again, I find myself seated beside Detective Lewis in his SUV, neither of us speaking as he drives me the short distance home. I've managed to fight down the urge to sob, but I don't know what to say to him. I don't know what to think. Who would do this to me? Why would they?

"I don't understand why this is happening to me," I mumble, not sure if I'm talking to myself or to him, but unable to deal with the oppressive silence anymore. We're less than half a block from my building and I don't want to get out of his car without knowing what he plans to do with me. "What happens next?"

"You need to hire a good lawyer, Miss Kendall," he says after a moment's hesitation, giving no hint as to whether he believes me or not.

A soft, bitter laugh breaks from my lips. "How am I supposed to hire a lawyer? I can barely afford my rent most months and I can't teach while I'm under investigation." I glance over at him, wiping away a stray tear. I've already cried in front of this man far too much. "You're telling me that someone I know, someone I trusted, is responsible for using my identity to hurt a kid and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it."

He pulls up outside of my building and puts the car in park before turning to look at me. "Why can't you afford your rent?" he asks, a muscle in his jaw ticking.

I laugh again, my disbelief obvious. "Do you know how much it costs to live in San Francisco, Detective? Between rent, utilities, and necessities like food, I barely make enough teaching to scrape by here. And I'm still paying off my dad's medical bills and my student loans, so what extra I bring in singing goes to paying off those debts."

"Then why stay here? You could teach anywhere."

"Because my kids need me," I whisper, unlatching my seatbelt.

"Kids?" One of his brows shoots upward again.

"My students. People move to San Francisco to live the high life, not to teach, especially not at one of the worst performing schools in the state."

"But not you," he says, the words so soft I have to strain to catch them.

"Most schools weren't lining up to hire a former fashion model straight out of college. I wanted to make a difference and Bryan Gleeson was willing to take a chance on me." And now I'm on the verge of being charged with manslaughter. Sighing, I push the car door open and climb to my feet.

"Thanks for the ride," I mumble and grab my laptop before turning and hurrying up the sidewalk. Gentle gusts of air blow in from the bay, drying the tears on my cheeks, but more fall to replace them. My hands are shaking so badly I can't even get my key in the door.

"Here, let me," Detective Lewis says, materializing beside me.

I jump, startled at his presence when I didn't even hear him exit the vehicle. Before I can tell him I'm fine, he wraps his hand around mine, stilling the shaking and sending a powerful jolt through me. I immediately drop my gaze to our hands, noticing the way his engulfs mine, so much bigger and so much warmer. Even though he's holding me gently, his fingers are rough to the touch, calloused.


His thumb rubs slowly across my knuckles.

My gaze flies to him to find his eyes locked on our hands. I'm thrown off-balance by his expression―like he can't look away from the sight of his darker skin on mine―by the way he smells, and by the heat unfurling in my belly.

The overwhelming desire to throw myself at him and let him ease the ache currently gnawing at my heart rushes through me. For a split second, I don't even care that he thinks I'm the equivalent of a murderer. I just want him to make me forget.

What am I doing?

I jerk backward, pulling my hand quickly from his.

My heart slams against my ribcage in a frenetic beat as he clears his throat and shakes his head slightly as if to clear it. Without a word, he inserts the key into the lock and pulls the door open, standing aside for me to enter.

"Um, thanks again," I say, my voice shaking. Ducking my head, I hurry toward the stairs.

"Miss Kendall," he calls from behind me.

I don't turn around, instead jogging up the stairs, my laptop bouncing against my hip with each step. I just want to get inside before I do something completely stupid. His opinion matters to me for some reason and he already thinks the worse. I don't want to give him more incentive to drag me off to jail.

He seems to have other plans.

I hear him following me, his steps steady as he calls my name.

The sound sends panic thrumming through me. I pretend I don't hear him and keep going, quickly racing away, praying he gives up and goes back to his car. I burst out of the stairwell on the fourth floor, breathing heavily. Hurrying toward my door, I reach into my pocket for my keys. Except I don't have them.

He does.

"Why me?" I groan, dropping my head to the door as defeat courses through me.

Get All Over You for .99c

Reviewers are saying

"The plot is exquisitely suspenseful, and never tiresome. She keeps the pace going, while still setting beautiful scenes." Elizabeth Roderick, Author of Love or Money and The Hustle

"The mystery in All Over You is great. It will keep you captivated and on the edge of your seat until the very end." Michelle from Book Briefs Blog

"With the twists and turns Ayden has woven into the book, you are on the edge of your seat the whole time, waiting, wondering…and hoping. A great, intense, sexy five-star read!" Amazon Reviewer

Get All Over You for .99c

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