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World Myths & Beliefs in the Ragnarok Prophesies Series

As a mythology fan, diving into the research for the Ragnarok Prophesies series is always exciting. So much of what I learn finds its way into the series. Whether it's Greek & Roman mythology, Norse mythology, or the myths and legends of other cultures and people from around the world, the Ragnarok Prophesies has a place for it all.

You'll find these myths and tie-ins sprinkled throughout the series like little breadcrumbs, guiding you along the way.

The names of the wolves who side with Dace & Ari are a perfect example. So many different cultures have very powerful beliefs about wolves and their importance to the world. I wanted to represent as many of those beliefs as I could, so many of the wolves have names that mean "wolf" in different cultures around the world.

Those that don't mean wolf have a significance of their own!

  • Kalei's name represents her importance in events. She is a beloved character who leads her pack in service of Odin.

  • Aki's name represents who he is as well. He's in the autumn of his life...and there are hidden depths to him.

  • Fuki is the wolf pup everyone loves and tries to protect.

  • Chiran, the young warrior the pack mourns with Ari and Dace was a beloved member of the pack.

  • And Takoni means "Beautiful", which does double due as homage to the majesty of these creatures and to the beautiful symbiosis of their relationship with the other members of Team Apocalypse.

Here are five other mythology tie-ins that most readers miss.


In the series, the triplets are the descendants of Mani, the Norse Moon God. Very little about Mani still exists, but we do know that he had a sister...Sol (the sun). Sol actually gives birth to a daughter, which is mentioned in the Eddas. In the series, that line has carried on with a daughter in each generation. The identity of her descendant isn't revealed until the third book (FLAME), but there are little clues starting very early in the first book.


The triplets aren't just Mani's descendants, but are a representation of the Triple Goddess, a Pagan deity tied to the phases of the moon. The Triple Goddess is three aspects of one being. Those aspects are Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The personalities of the triplets each align with their aspect. Dani is the Maiden, fresh-faced and full of life. Beth is the Mother, sexual and emotional. Chelle is the Crone...wise beyond her years, standing strong in the face of impending death.


The struggle Dace endures between light and darkness is a tie-in of the Cherokee story of the two wolves. Essentially, there are two wolves inside each of us. One is darkness, cruelty, anger, etc. The other is light, peace, joy, etc. The one who wins the battle is the one you feed. Dace feeds both at times before finally seeing the error of his ways. You can read the story here:


In the series, Gage is a Nephilim, the ancestor of a fallen angel and a human. He's also a representation of Niflheim, the first world created according to Norse mythology. It is the mist-world that feeds creation. The rivers spring from there, as does man's creation. Angels were the first beings in Christianity...and Niflheim was the first world created in Norse mythology. Gage represents both and the complex link between the varied belief systems of the world.


In the series, Geri and Freki (Dace and Ari) are reborn time and again to stand against Skoll & Hati. As a result, they've spent lifetimes upon lifetimes together, but are inevitably pulled apart by death, allowed to be together only when Skoll & Hati reappear. This is a tie-in to the Chinese story of Niu Lang and Zhi Nü. They're lovers who wed, only to be kept apart by Zhi Nü's father. He puts the Milky Way in her path to keep her from reuniting with her love, save for one night a year. Kinda like how Odin doomed Geri & Freki to reunite only when Skoll & Hati reappear.

If you come across any others while reading, ask me about them and I'll tell you what they mean! :)

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