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Writer Wednesday: Media Kits

Media Kits are documents that contain all the relevant information about your book. They can be a HUGE time saver, especially if you keep them updated with current information.

At a minimum, your media kit should include the book cover, the summary, purchase links (and links to the book on Goodreads and Bookbub) and your author bio, links, and author photo. You can also include an excerpt from the book, teaser images, and reviews or accolades to really make it a "go to" document. There are many templates out there you can use to create yours, or you can do it from scratch in a Word document.

You can send the media kits along to bloggers, reviewers, fellow authors, and use it during other types of promotional and marketing work (ie: if you're reaching out to media outlets).

I use mine FREQUENTLY! I also try to update them every couple of months as new teaser images are created, for sales, etc.

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