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Writer Wednesday: Split Infinitives

Happy Writer Wednesday!

This week is a simple lesson on split infinitives. An infinitive is a 2 word verb (such as to go, to run, to walk, etc). A split infinitive occurs when an adverb is placed between the two words. To avoid a split infinitive, place the adverb after the bare infinitive of the verb instead of before the verb.

In creative writing, splitting an infinitive isn't as frowned upon as it is in academic writing. As a matter of fact, a split infinitive can really make or break a sentence.

Just look at Star Trek.

To boldly go where no man has gone before is an example of an split infinitive. It's also a pretty powerful statement as is. When corrected to, "To go boldly where no man has gone before." the sentence isn't nearly as powerful, is it?

That said, there are times when a split infinitive has the opposite effect, and the split infinitive waters down the sentence. Try to avoid those instances by putting the adverb after the 2 word verb instead of in the middle of it.

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