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Writing Space Tour Time!

A couple of years ago, my giant and I decided that I really needed my own writing space. Of course, as soon as we finished it, I injured my shoulder and wasn't able to do a whole lot until after surgery.

But since then, I've spent a LOT of time in my home office. It's one of my favorite places to be. It's quiet, comfortable, and I'm surrounded by my favorite things (BOOKS!). I adore my giant and our furry minions, but when it's time to write, I enjoy doing it in my own space whenever I can! It goes so much easier when it's peaceful. Which is a nice change from trying to cram in words in a loud, chaotic 911 center!

So I thought I would share my space with you guys today.

My Desk (and my snacky snacks)!

I try to keep my desk as neat as possible because clutter stresses me out. I also try to keep my desktop organized, but it's a hot mess right now and my icons are all in the same place. Usually, writing things are on the right, programs on the left, and folders are organized by what they contain. Sadly, my computer swapped between the big screen and the little laptop screen and it messed up my entire system.

I keep a notepad on my desk to jot quick reminders as I'm working on things. I also tend to keep a notepad open on the computer so I can quickly strip out formatting when needed. It's also a "catch-all" for all the stuff I might need to use again later.

I use my Kindle to listen to music while writing or to catch up on shows or training videos when I'm doing other author-related things. My giant wants to put a TV in my office, but honestly, I'd probably just use the Kindle anyway. It's much more convenient!

I keep a ton of ink pens on the desk because I'm obsessed. Don't judge me. And then I have my lamp and my adorable black and white globe.

There are also a few random little things on my desk that just kind of remain there because I have no idea what else to do with them. Like chocolate-smelling room spray from Bath & Bodyworks. It sounded like a good idea at the time. But holy crap, does that stuff linger! Which I tend to get excited and forget.

The fancy purple thing to the left is a curtain over the window. I have fancy dark purple curtains over the window behind the desk as well.

My Desk Chair

I used to have a fancy gaming chair, but it killed my hips. So I had my giant help me swap it out for my reading chair. This one is so much more comfortable! And it still spins in circles, which makes me happy.

My bookshelves

I love my bookshelves. They're full of all my favorite books, gifts, and my favorite things (like Yoda and shanking sporks). I also display photos on the shelves and have my Bachelor's Degree displayed there. On top are the books that wouldn't fit on the Dante's Divine Comedy, as well as memento boxes and a random board game my niece and nephews left here.

The box on the floor is the swag that is going out next time I go to the post office.

My Nemesis and My Love

You know how you always have that one spot in your house that seems to be the catch-all for everything? This is my "one spot". It was intended to hold copies of my signed books from fellow authors and copies of my own books. But it also now houses swag. And packing stuff (like envelopes). And all my clean notebooks. It's a mess!

I told my giant the other day that I really need to get a work table and some plastic storage bins I can set up in the office as a packing station to keep all of this organized.

The only thing on my wall at the moment are my awards and degrees. I keep intending to get poster-sized prints of each of my books to display, but I have yet to get around to it. I also still need to hang shelves to house the books I signed for my grandmother that were returned to me when she passed away last year.

And this concludes our tour of my office! :)

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